Published on February 5th, 2014 | by Jonathan Appleton

Ian Levine Releases Trailer For Missing Episode Animations [VIDEO]

In recent years we’ve grown used to incomplete stories being released on DVD with animated versions of any missing episodes, but there are also a number of fans using their skills to produce their own unofficial adaptations.

Long-term fan and former producer’s consultant Ian Levine has now made public a lengthy trailer for his animations of a number of stories. Interestingly he has cast his net quite wide in his selections, including not just episodes missing from the archives but also one that wasn’t completed (Shada) and some that were just mooted or dropped for whatever reason without ever going into production.

It’s fair to say the examples on show are a mixed bunch. Shada, with well-realised Krargs and a very fruity-sounding Tom Baker, is a particular highlight and The Evil of the Daleks and The Daleks’ Master Plan are none the worse for using a somewhat stylised approach. Elsewhere there are some familiar voices to be heard, though we won’t spoil the surprise here.

Levine stresses in his introduction that no infringement of copyright is intended and accepts that full versions may never be broadcast or released, but you never know…

What do you think? Would you like to see full versions available?


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22 Responses to Ian Levine Releases Trailer For Missing Episode Animations [VIDEO]

  1. Jesus Christ you guys are behind!

    • And that means?

      • avatar David says:

        Meaning it was released to his Twitter followers more than a year ago.

        • I suggest you read my other comments on this matter.

  2. avatar Ian says:

    In other shock news, they’ve found Enemy of the World!

  3. avatar koloth says:

    Ian Levine put these on youtube a year or so ago and then removed them following a mass slagging off on another forum. Are these out in the open again then?

  4. 1000 people have viewed this article. The vast majority of those have clicked play (not bad going considering the video wasn’t working for a couple of hours).

    Since Mr Levine uploaded the trailer, we have had (among other very important things):

    A 50th anniversary
    A Christmas special
    A new Doctor
    A new series entering production.

    Given that these are all – with all respect to Ian Levine – fan productions – they hardly hold the same weight of importance or interest as the list above.

    Prioritising the news is tough. It falls to me or Philip to decide what get published when. Occasionally we get it wrong. But I promise you it will always be more entertaining than what you’ll find on other sites.

    Until a better method is devised, however, we’ll continue to prioritise news in the way we have done since 2005. Hardly done us any harm, has it?

    • avatar Francis Cave says:

      I did think myself when I saw this article that it was released around a year ago so it seemed a bit odd to be reported as news now.

      Perhaps its just a case of the wording in the article implying that it had just happened which is jarring.

      In fact from memory I think Ian took down the trailer soon after it was released as he ended up getting so much slagging from various quarters re some of the quality of the work.

  5. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Well, even if this has been out for some time, I’ve never seen it before. Some of it makes no sense whatsoever, but its nice to actually see McCoy acting in some parts. The animation quality is all over the place. But it does make me wish they would animate more lost stories, even incomplete ones, as long as they have the soundtracks.

  6. avatar Al says:

    Fun stuff – I knew about some of the things like McCoy but I didn’t realize he’d gotten Leeson and Ward to record some new material for Shada. The milk gag is fun. I don’t know about the one using actual photos of Colin Baker, etc., though I got a laugh out of the “stoned Sixth Doctor” image that showed up at one point. Reminded me of Terry Gilliam’s stuff for Python. I’m glad he put this stuff up.

  7. avatar Al says:

    Incidentally, for those who have not had the chance to see the original video, Downtime, at about the 37:00 mark on the trailer you get to see some footage of the original Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, who of course would years later be imported to the TV canon by way of Jemma Redgrave.

    • avatar Al says:

      Speaking of Downtime, why can’t Levine’s augmented version be released? It wasn’t a BBC production.

      • avatar John Miller says:

        It still features characters that Levine never legally obtained the rights to use.

        • avatar Francis Cave says:

          Correct, and now apparently Ian won’t Downtime be released on DVD unless it is in this form which he believes is the “definitive” version.

          Hopefully this will change some time soon as, of all the unofficial productions made over the years, Downtime is the one that feels most like the actual series.

          Plus from the clips in that trailer, the added bits are truly awful…

  8. avatar John Miller says:

    Hmm. There’s a notable difference between the animated episodes, and those ones with different actors doing the voices, and the cut-and-paste figures, isn’t there?

  9. avatar koloth says:

    Thanks for posting this Chris/Jonathan. I had actually missed the youtube stuff last year. I am glad to see this stuff finally and am intrigued at the broad level of quality the images are.
    They are by no means on a par with the list offered, more on the levels of recons, which for the most part is what they are. I would be more interested to see some of Ians belonings like The Eight Doctors (with Mark McGann) instead of some of Season 7/Time of the Doctor drivel.

  10. avatar IGettings says:

    I like the Shada one very much – what a shame they didin’t use it for the dvd – any particular reason? I guess it was the costs involved. The Yellow Fever story, once you get used to the form, is quite fun and evocative of the era.

    • avatar John Miller says:

      They never cleared all the legal/copyright issues first. The Shada animation is certainly superior to the animation for The Ice Warriors or The Reign of Terror. However, in this cases, they worked out all the legal/copyright/payment issues before going ahead.

      The Yellow Fever/Gallifrey stuff, erm…

    • avatar Andy says:

      Levine went ahead and did Shada without getting agreement from the BBC, including additional material, then asked them to accept the whole thing as it was. Not really surprising they turned it down, and quite justified too. The animation is OK, although some of the limb movements look a bit Captain Pugwash. Not convinced by the Tom Baker impersonator either.

  11. avatar aldoh says:

    Words fail me …..

  12. avatar Victor says:

    One or two near the start are decent, but some of that is beyond awful. And the McCoy and rubber man addition to Downtime is a bit…. uh….

  13. avatar classicfan says:

    The Shada was very good, I thought, except the movement of the animated characters. But that is the same for some of the BBC releases. Artwork and closeups fine, but the movement seems to be what they struggle with. The Ice Warriors had a bit with Patrick Troughton on all fours which was so laughable. NOT broadcast quality and that was on an official DVD so we should all be able to see that Shada. Glad I found a copy, but would like to see some of the others really. Are they out there? I think I was lucky to get the Shada

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