Published on February 16th, 2014 | by Philip Bates

Happy Birthday, Christopher Eccleston!

Who would believe it?! Ninth Doctor, Christopher Eccleston, is 50 today!

The actor helped Russell T. Davies bring back everyone’s favourite show all the way back in 2005, alongside Billie Piper as Rose Tyler. In the 13-part series, we were reintroduced to the Daleks and the Autons, saw the end of the Earth, met ghosts and aliens who suffer from terrible gas exchange issues, and learnt that lots of planets have a North.

It all seems so long ago… and yet, we know it like it were yesterday. I’m sure the above trailer will bring back some superb memories.

As The Unquiet Dead writer, Mark Gatiss, noted, to some, Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor is the equivalent of William Hartnell’s First Doctor.

So have a very happy birthday, Chris. You’re still fantastic.


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