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Published on February 2nd, 2014 | by Christian Cawley

Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 1 Script Leaked Online?

We’ve had a few Doctor Who leaks over the years, from fakes on IMDb (Norman Lovett as Davros in 2005′s The Parting of the Ways, for instance) to the casting of Peter Capaldi last year. The odd script has gone missing, in the meantime, and some badly kept secrets (John Simm as the Master, for instance) have kept us intrigued.

This weekend, however, it transpires that an online poster is claiming to have photographed two pages of a script from Doctor Who Series 8. How genuine the images are we cannot say, but they’re interesting enough to take a look at.

The problem for you, dear reader, is finding them.

Given recent legal action in this area, we’re going to avoid sharing either the images or the link. Below, however, is a brief summary of what has been leaked…

[spoiler ]

Labelled “Nemesis of Neglect” by Steven Moffat, the images of the script are of the cover and page one, in which the TARDIS crash lands, witnessed by a policeman.


And that’s all you’re getting from us.

(With thanks to Richard)



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17 Responses to Doctor Who Series 8 Episode 1 Script Leaked Online?

  1. Meh. Not going to bother even going and looking for it. Learned my lesson when some of the XMas Special was leaked and ended up being accurate. It’s much more fun to be held in the dark.

    • avatar John Lindsay says:

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • avatar Al says:

      And two pages out if context could create misconceptions. Imagine if someone had leaked the food testing scene from Eleventh Hour or the Easter egg from Blink. Out of context it might have given people cause for bashing unnecessarily.

  2. avatar Simon Magellan says:

    If true – and this could just be extrapolated from the end of “Time” – this could rank as the worst story title in history. What does it even mean?!

    • avatar omgowls says:

      • avatar Simon Magellan says:

        Oh! That’s interesting. I’ve read a lot about the Ripper, having written a screenplay about the killings a few years ago – but never seen this. You learn something new every day.

  3. avatar Conrad says:

    The breif summary link isnt working for me, anyone have the link to the leaked pages?

  4. avatar habib says:

    Can’t bleeding find them! link them someone

  5. avatar DonnaM says:

    If that is the title (and given omgowls link and previous rumours, it’s feasible) it can easily be changed between now and screening. It could be a placeholder anyway, and the first page suggests nothing beyond what we could have assumed from the regeneration scene.

    Looks to me like another nobody trying to be somebody by yelling on the internet about how connected and important they are!

  6. avatar LordCthulhu says:

    Would someone mind leaving the summary of the script in the comments section? For some reason I can’t expand the tab. I would really appreciate it :)

  7. avatar RobertHolmesAficionado says:

    Here’s the leaked script:

  8. If those are real, someone needs to teach Moffat the difference between “breaks” and “brakes”.

  9. avatar vortexter says:

    That’s an awful story title if its true…

  10. avatar Paddy says:

    Absolute tosh. I know people sometimes criticise Moffat’s writing, but I’m sure he can spell “brakes”.

  11. avatar John H says:

    As a copy editor: you’d be surprised what kind of silly errors make it through the read-through drafts. That’s the sort of thing you’ll see fixed in the revisions if the director wants it changed.

    I think “Nemesis of Neglect” is an interesting title because it suggests the episode is going in the direction of linking Jack the Ripper to social justice issues. People often don’t realize just how poor, Whitechapel really was at the time.

    Certainly beats “Time of the Doctor”!

  12. avatar TonyS says:

    And as a treatment of the Whitechapel Murders goes, it is a lot better than “Stringy. But not unpleasant.”

  13. avatar Bradondo says:

    I’d really rather not have a Doctor Who/Jack the Ripper mashup. Firstly these alternate Ripper stories have been done to death already (felt the same about cyborg warrior stories and yawned through much of Town Called Mercy as it really brought nothing new to a tired trope), and secondly these were absolutely savage, brutal murders of real women, not some historical fantasy. No matter how you frame it–social issues or not–it’s in rather poor taste for a Who story to make hay from it. If the top hatted fellow from the production stills is supposed to be Jack the Ripper he’s likely supposed to be some sort of alien as his hat has CGI reference dots on it. I usually try not to judge what’s coming to Who before I see it, but the whole concept irks me…and it would also give credence to those rather disappointing-sounding, allegedly leaked episode descriptions from a few days ago if this is genuine.

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