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Published on February 4th, 2014 | by Danny_Weasel

Ben Wheatley Talks Doctor Who Series 8

Everybody relax, it looks like the first episodes of Doctor Who Series 8 are in good hands with director Ben Wheatley. The rising Brit director of Sightseers, Kill List and the spectacular A Field in England has recently been doing quite a bit of talking about being behind the lens for the arrival of Doctor number twelve, Peter Capaldi.

The director, it seems, grew up with Doctor Who, specifically the Hinchcliffe era of the Tom Baker years and was responsible for making the first move to be involved in the show.

It was something I sought out. I got my agent to kind of badger them about doing, because I was a fan as a kid. But also because my kid was a fan of the show and I wanted to make something that he could see, for a change. That was it. And it’s been very geeky indeed.

Directing both the first and second episodes of the new series as we speak, he has his work cut out for him thanks to the notoriously tight schedules for filming, but still seems to be having a whale of a time doing it.

It’s very tiring and it’s a lot of stuff to do very quickly.  Peter Capaldi is excellent and I’ve been able to go into the TARDIS and do all this stuff I always dreamt of doing as a nine year old.  So I’m in the process right now of achieving my childhood dreams.

Unsurprisingly, given his output so far, he is eager to see a return to a darker Doctor citing his love for his Doctor growing up, Tom Baker, and the more gothic episodes they produced.

Generally it’s dark, it’s always been dark. Even in the more modern ones. If you look at the Tom Baker stuff, it’s especially dark. When he leaves Leela — who’s a very beloved assistant — he just laughs after it. There’s none of the [breaking down and crying]. He just laughs, and “on to the next one,” you know…It seems to me the episodes that we’re doing now seem more like classic Who. We’re going back to that style. But you’ll have to wait and see.

So what do you think, would a return to the darker Doctor be a good thing, do you think Wheatley is the right man for the job and if not who would you like to see take the reins for an episode or two? Speak up into the space below and let us hear your thoughts.

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6 Responses to Ben Wheatley Talks Doctor Who Series 8

  1. avatar Jamie-42 says:

    It sounds good to me. The return of the darker more “callous” Doctor would be a good counterpoint to the modern era so far.

    I keep hearing the scrap of conversation, “Oh you just don’t seem…” “Human?” (apologies if this is remembered incorrectly)

    This should be the Doctor, above the feelings of fleeting “mortals”.

  2. avatar DonnaM says:

    Not necessarily “darker” but certainly more unsentimental; a non-nonsense sad to see a friend go, but moving on without spending the next few episodes (or a whole series – yes, I’m looking at you, RTD, Doctor 10 and Rose Tyler) wailing and pining please!

    The Holmes/Hinchcliffe era is mine too and I have very fond memories of being scared witless and loving every minute of it. If series 8 can come close to that I will be the happiest bunny imaginable.

  3. what is this, no breaking down and crying? The Fourth Doctor was visibly upset after every companion’s exit! there was no crying, but there was stoic realization that the beloved friend was leaving. it was obviously there on his face, in every incarnation, in microexpressions AND macroexpressions. anyone who thinks otherwise… I feel sorry for, frankly. this man worries me. pelase prove me wrong. granted, moffat’s tenure has been, thus far, emotionally odd, but the Doctor had a right to cry at times, and he did so beautifully. WE don;t have to get rid of that so much as filter it in a less gimmicky way. ;) love you Moffat. cheers for series 8, as it looks to be exactly that: mroe like Classic Who, but with a newness to the Doctor that will surely go down in history. ;) can’t WAITTTT!

    • avatar DonnaM says:

      Visibly upset, yes – mentioning the departed companion incessantly for ages after, no thanks! Capaldi’s brilliant at those subtle facial expressions – we won’t need two pages of dialogue to explain what the Doctor is feeling while he’s around.

      Personally, I’d prefer a Doctor who doesn’t cry; but then I’m old-fashioned about the British stiff upper lip and rather regret the way we’re all supposed to show our feelings at the drop of a hat nowadays. Nothing wrong with emotions – there’s just a time and a place, that’s my view! :-)

  4. RTD & Paul Mcann (from ER) to team up & to do a few. Science fiction + blood & rescue. THAT would make it extremely dark.

  5. It will be good, because they won’t let it fail….They are fans ! and what’s the point of me saying anything….I can’t influence the show in any way……..(I do not want to much “darkness” I can watch a Hammer film for that….Just good adventures please .)

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