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Published on February 13th, 2014 | by Danny_Weasel

Ben Wheatley: Doctor Who “in July” – Internet Doubtful

According to a new interview director Ben Wheatley (Kill List, the sublime A Field in England) has a mere two weeks left on his duties for Doctor Who Series 8 and is expecting them to air far sooner than we thought.

Speaking to FilmDrunk about many other things, the director said of the first two episodes of the Peter Capaldi era:

I’ve got two more weeks shooting Doctor Who, which hopefully is going to go in July.

Previous dates thrown around the Internet have put the return anywhere between August and September, but if Wheatley is correct then we will be able to enjoy the show even sooner. (We’ve been informed that August is almost guaranteed and various merchandise launches tie in with this – Ed)

Personally the return can’t come soon enough, but July does seem like a rather odd time to schedule the grand return of one of your flagship programmes – in fact, I can’t think of a single show that launches in July.

But what do you think? Is this likely to be the case for the air dates, or do you feel the director may be a bit ambitious with his predictions?


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15 Responses to Ben Wheatley: Doctor Who “in July” – Internet Doubtful

  1. avatar Michael says:

    I was hoping October or even better, a November start. The nights are still too light in the UK in September.

  2. avatar Matt says:

    I think you need at least 3 months between the end of the new seies, and the Christmas Special. A July start would take it through to September – I think this timing would be perfect….

  3. avatar krumstets says:

    Viewing figures would be lower in August. The days are long, kids are out playing, famiIies are on holiday. Not a good time to launch. I really can’t see the BBC showcasing a new series in August?
    September would be most likely.

    • Doctor Who has launched on August Bank Holiday weekend previously.

  4. avatar TraineeHellcat says:

    I think we would all prefer a traditional / classic September start date both for personal enjoyment when the evenings drawn in and for positive viewing figures. However the Beeb will work back from Christmas so who knows when. Maybe viewing figures are not so much the issue with DW the star performer on BBC i Player.

  5. avatar Ron says:

    At the risk of starting something I should point out that a July start would allow Series 8 to go out before the referendum.

  6. avatar Simon Magellan says:

    traditionally in the UK, new series are launched at the end of August/beginning of September – from the August bank holiday weekend onwards (so the 23rd August for the Saturday). See no reason why the BBC would start a major TV series in what is usually seen as the dead period for shows.

    Saying that – was wondering whether one episode might be seen earlier as a special – at Easter perhaps – which would explain why there’s talk of the series being 12 episodes instead of 13?

    • avatar David F says:

      i doubt it. They need to establish a new Doctor, and will want to embed him with a long, solid, traditional run. It would be very strange to split the first episode off from the series.

  7. avatar Steve C says:

    I think he’s talking about two more weeks’ filming in July, not the TX date and you have no story, just too much time on your hands.

    • avatar Paul C says:

      That’s the impression I got too.

    • avatar Victor says:

      That’s how it read to me, too.

    • Steve, you seem to be complaining that we “have no story” and “too much time” – we’re DEBUNKING the rumour that has sprung up around these quotes (such as

      If that’s okay with you?

      • avatar Steve C says:

        That’s not quite how you’ve worded most of that article. The smple debunk would be to have pointed out the obvious, that he has more filming to do. It’s bleeding obvious that they won’t have finished filming the series by July. This rumour is just spread by fools and people without any knowledge making uneducated guesses because they’re bored without their fix.

  8. avatar DonnaM says:

    I can’t see July being feasible; maybe that’s when Mr Wheatley expects his episodes will be ready for airing? I imagine there’s a fair bit of work to do once shooting’s complete.

    I’m also a bit surprised he’s got 2 weeks left, if that’s purely for filming duties. Having begun in the first full week of January I’d have expected his block to be done before that. Wonder if the first episode is going to be an hour long? I live in hope!

    The last weekend in August/first in September would be my bet for Series 8. It’s about standard for the start of a major autumn run with the BBC, I think.

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