Mark Gatiss

A Whedon/Whoniverse Mash Up?

An intriguing meeting of two of the biggest names in television sci-fi recently took place, with Mark Gatiss and Joss Whedon hanging out together.

Gatiss let slip about the meet-up via Twitter as follows:

“@josswhedon Great to meet you the other week, Joss and thanks so much for coming. Happy New Year!” the Doctor Who writer and occasional guest star tweeted.

Quite what they spoke about, what they did or what may result from it is not known at this stage, but it’s certainly fun to speculate. A Doctor Who/Agents of Shield crossover? Buffy and her pals to help Sherlock solve crimes? A musical episode of League of Gentlemen? (Actually, I’d probably watch that…)

Come on, Kasterborites – what would you want to see from a Gatiss/Whedon collaboration?

(Via Zap2it.)


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