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Published on January 10th, 2014 | by Nick Kitchen

Steven Moffat Admits Leaving Doctor Who Secrets Lying Around

In a recent interview with the Sun, Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat opened up a bit about keeping plot points secret when it comes to filming Doctor Who and Sherlock. In regards to keeping how that other iconic British hero escaped apparent death a secret, he said:

We had crash barriers, behind which stood ranks of solemn women staring at what we were doing. All we could do was ask people: ‘Please don’t give it away’. That said, I’m endlessly leaving around my bag of ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Sherlock’ secrets.

This is hardly a secret to us Whovians; after all, we caught spoilery glimpses of the unknown War Doctor months prior to the 50th Anniversary special, which in turn sparked all of that Doctor 8.5 speculation.

Also, the man himself has admitted to “lying his arse off” to keep fans in the dark prior to the episodes airing on television. Of course, in an age where every phone, smart or dumb, has a camera and can get to Twitter faster than Matt Smith can say, “bow ties are cool!”, it’s near impossible to keep everything under wraps when these shows are filming (especially outside!). As Doctor Who and Sherlock continue to garner massive popularity internationally, this problem will only continue to compound. After all, we already have day one set pics for Capaldi’s debut series! Let’s hope Moffat can continue to keep us guessing and keep the big moments under wraps until their ready to be aired.

Series 3 of Sherlock is currently being aired on BBC One and Series 8 of Doctor Who began filming this week, for a fall release date that is TBD. Do you appreciate Moffat’s efforts in secrecy? Let us know down below, dear readers!

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8 Responses to Steven Moffat Admits Leaving Doctor Who Secrets Lying Around

  1. avatar mrjohnm says:

    He was able to keep the return of Paul McGann, Tom Baker, and Karen Gillan secret, and their surprise appearances made many fans very happy indeed. So yes, I do appreciate Steven Moffat’s ability to keep a secret!

    • avatar Al says:

      Not to mention Jenna in Asylum of the Daleks, and Capaldi in DOTD. I appreciate his efforts and celebrate his success rate.

  2. avatar Christine says:

    I for one really appreciate it. I am no spoiler phobe, but it really is nice to be surprised once in a while!

  3. avatar Alan Meggs says:

    I love being surprised! I’m a fan of the show over 40 years now and that was always the attraction, watching on Sat night and spending a whole week wondering what was going to happen next!

  4. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    I *am* a spoiler-phobe—-because yeah, it is SO much cooler and fun when we are surprised. I don’t understand the idiocy of the people who crave having it all spoiled for them. Because then inevitably, they bitch about how boring it is or complain it’s not as goo as it used to be.

  5. avatar Ranger says:

    Speaking as someone who reads the end of detective books before the start to see who did it, because I can’t bear not knowing, spoilers don’t upset me, it just adds to the excitement of seeing what has been revealed in the episode. But I do give kudos to Moffatt for being able to keep so many secrets in this multi-media age

    • avatar DonnaM says:

      Glad it’s not just me who does that, Ranger!

      If something is marked “spoilers”, the chances are I’m going to read it. Does it ruin my enjoyment of the episode if those spoilers happen to be accurate? Not in the slightest.

      I’m not keen on surprises, as my divorced parents discovered when they clubbed together to arrange a “surprise” 18th birthday party. However, I appreciate that many people feel differently, and I applaud Moffat for achieving as much to accommodate them as he does.

  6. avatar Geoff says:

    He does very well I think, I quite like a bit of Doctor Who news, a few stills from up coming shows, the new Doctors costume, what the new look Daleks will look like (ok maybe not the best example actually) but beyond that I don’t really want to know any more and it’s quite easy to avoid because if you want any more than those few little pieces you have to actually go looking usually. I think it’s good that he is able to keep nice little surprises under wraps, it adds to the fun of watching. I loved doing a double take when Clara appeared in Asylum of the Daleks and who can honestly say they would have enjoyed Day of the Doctor more if they’d know Tom Baker was going to suddenly appear in the closing minutes? In fact that moment is probably one of Steven Moffats greatest successes.

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