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Published on January 3rd, 2014 | by Christian Cawley

Random House Picks Up AudioGO’s BBC Titles – HUZZAH!

Here’s a wee snippet you might have missed before Christmas – BBC Worldwide has come to an agreement with Random House Audio to sell and distribute audiobooks that were previously available through the sadly-departed AudioGO.

The 3,500 title catalogue – which of course includes Doctor Who – has been available from Random House Audio since Monday (23rd December). The new arrangement gives Random House Audio sole responsibility for selling, managing stock and distributing BBC-branded CDs in the UK and the rest of the world (excluding North America, Australia and New Zealand), and the company said in a statement that it would “take global responsibility for download sales with leading digital retailers, including Audible”.

Nicholas Brett is BBC Worldwide UK’s director of publishing:

Our principal aim has been to ensure an uninterrupted flow of the BBC’s brilliant spoken word content both on high streets around the world and through downloads, and we’re delighted that this new partnership with Random House Audio will do that.

Meanwhile, Hannah Telfer, Random House director, digital marketing and new product development, enthused:

At Random House we have long admired the BBC’s audio programme, sharing their passion for publishing the highest quality content.

We’re very pleased to be working together to grow the BBC list and are committed to reaching the largest possible audience for their titles.

What do you think? Are Random House the best place for the BBC’s spoken word content? Would you have preferred a different outcome? Let us know.

(Via The Bookseller | With thanks to James)


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8 Responses to Random House Picks Up AudioGO’s BBC Titles – HUZZAH!

  1. avatar piemanji says:

    Delighted that BBC audiobooks are not disappearing. However I can’t see where I can buy any yet. Could you point me in the right direction?

    • avatar Al says:

      If you can’t find a brick and mortar store near you the online retailers Amazon and Book Depository carry them usually.

    • avatar Rob says:

      Try “Audio Book Choice” on Many titles from BBC and AudioGO!

  2. avatar Al says:

    What about North America? They vanished over here too.

    • avatar Rob says:

      Try “Audio Book Choice” on Many titles from BBC and AudioGO!

  3. avatar Christine says:

    I just don’t know. It looks good but I do fear that Random House is perhaps too commercial. Naturally I get the point that some kind of profit is needed, but I am just not sure they have enough love for the show. We will see. For the moment at least we are sure about our wished for continuity, and I was a bit worried about that! So it looks good for now.

  4. avatar Ji Pattison-Smith says:

    Sorry, I was talking about downloads – I’d assumed the article meant downloads were available from 23rd, but I can’t find them. On second reading, maybe that isn’t what it means.

    I hope all of the downloads are not through Audible. They are way more expensive than AudioGO were!

  5. avatar kelly says:

    Yes, the down loads are way more expensive than AudioGo, but then that is probably the reason why AudioGo suddenly became “AudioGoNE”………they were not charging enough!

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