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Published on January 8th, 2014 | by Alex Skerratt

New Items Materialise at the Doctor Who Experience!

January visitors to the Doctor Who Experience won’t be disappointed following an influx of new items fresh from the set of last year’s Christmas special!

Joining the impressive collection will be the actual costumes worn by Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman in The Time of the Doctor, as well as the “old” Doctor’s walking stick, last seen atop the Christmas town clock tower! Eagle-eyed visitors will also spot the Christmas tree from Clara Oswald’s flat, an array of Victorian-style street lamps, the child’s peg gun, and the Punch and Judy tent, (although there is currently no word as to whether the Monoid puppet will also be making an appearance…)

The Doctor Who Experience is based in Cardiff and is open all year round to visitors. It is currently scheduled to run until 2017, so we’re hoping to see many more pieces being added in the future.



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7 Responses to New Items Materialise at the Doctor Who Experience!

  1. avatar Cavan Scott says:

    The Monoid is definitely there. Saw it with my own eyes back at the end of December…

  2. avatar loobydotlu says:

    Yay! We’re going again in Feb and were hoping Christmas costumes would be coming before then!

  3. avatar koloth says:

    Is there anything from the anniversary episode? We went in October and the guides were talking like something big was going to be unveiled after the anniversary episode. I have heard no news since

  4. avatar Cavan Scott says:

    The War Doctor’s TARDIS is there, along with the Time Lord table plus costumes, the Zygons and the the Moment.

  5. avatar Cavan Scott says:

    All the Christmas stuff was there from Boxing Day so you’ll be sure to see it.

  6. avatar koloth says:

    Ooh! Cheers Cav.

  7. avatar Christine says:

    Looks interesting. I’m planning to go again in the summer – so we’ll see if the stuff is still there then!

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