Peter Capaldi is the twelfth Doctor Who

Hey Cosplayers – Capaldi’s Doctor Who Outfit In Detail!

Yes, you too can dress just like the new Doctor! But it’ll set you back over a grand in Earth money…

Journalists have helpfully (if inevitably) costed Peter Capaldi’s new get-up as the Twelfth Doctor, and it turns out that such sartorial elegance doesn’t come cheap.

The most pricey item is the three-quarter length Crombie coat (slim fit version, style fans) at a whopping £795. If that’s too steep for your pocket, try Topman for a more reasonable similar one at £150.

The rest of the outfit is likely to set you back £150 for the cardigan, £29.99 for the shirt, £110 for the trousers and a round £100 for the boots. (Hands up if you can now hear your Dad saying “£150 for a cardigan?”)

Peter Capaldi as the Doctor!

Click image for hires detail!

Resourceful Doctor Who fans who enjoy their cosplay will, of course, find much more economical ways to dress as the next Doctor.

Share your tips on how to put together a stylish yet affordable version of the Doctor’s new outfit below!

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