Doctor Who: Into the Nowhere by Jenny Colgan

Doctor Who: Into the Nowhere by Jenny T Colgan

A new series of downloadable Doctor Who novellas called Time Trips is available from BBC Books, with Jenny T Colgan, known in wider literary circles as chicklit writer Jenny Colgan, the latest author to contribute to the range.

Set between the The Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor, the story features the Eleventh Doctor and Clara Oswald as played by Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman.

Jenny has kindly provided us with a snippet…

‘It’s not on any maps,’ said the Doctor crossly. ‘It’s not referenced anywhere. It’s not in any of the literature.’

He threw a hand-sized item covered in buttons with a ‘D’ and a ‘P’ just visible on the cover across the control room, then checked to make sure it had had a safe landing.

‘Normally if I don’t recognise a planet then the TARDIS knows, or something knows, or I can find out somewhere. This one, though… It’s just nowhere. Nowhere.’

‘Maybe it’s just too dull to bother giving it a name,’ said Clara.

‘They named Clom,’ said the Doctor. ‘No, it would have a name. Or at the very least, it would still have coordinates and references. But this… It’s like it’s just appeared from nothing.’

‘Oh, a mysterious planet,’ said Clara. ‘Well in that case we’d better leave it alone, don’t you think? Just head off and never think about it again. Yup that will be best…’

They had already landed.

This is Colgan’s second Doctor Who contribution following 2012’s full-length novel Dark Horizons (writing as J.T. Colgan). Nice cover too, in keeping with those from the rest of the series.

Doctor Who: Into the Nowhere by Jenny Colgan

Into the Nowhere is released next Thursday, January 16th and can be purchased in electronic formats from Amazonand iTunes. A.L. Kennedy’s The Death Pit was released on December 5th, while titles from Nick Harkaway, Trudi Canavan and Jake Arnott follow monthly.

Christian Cawley

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