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Published on January 30th, 2014 | by Nick Kitchen

Doctor Who: The Complete Eighth Series Already Available for Pre-Order!

That certainly didn’t take long! Peter Capaldi’s debut series as the Doctor is currently in production and filming as we speak, but that hasn’t stopped the BBC from opening the pre-order flood gates a few months early!

Amazon has both the Blu-ray and DVD sets available for pre-order now, with placeholder graphics featuring a different take on the newly released image of the Twelfth Doctor’s new costume (final artwork to be confirmed at a later time):

Doctor Who Series 8 on Blu-ray

Perhaps the best part, aside from the opportunity to go ahead and get your copy reserved, is that reviews for Series 8 are already popping up on the listings (27 at the time of writing) and some of them are rather smart!


No release date given at the moment, but smart money says that it will probably land in December or next January, depending upon whether or not the Christmas special is included in the set.

Will you be placing your order early? Or do you want to see the finished product first?

(Thanks to the 753 people who emailed and tweeted us about this!)


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2 Responses to Doctor Who: The Complete Eighth Series Already Available for Pre-Order!

  1. avatar trekkerboy says:

    To have this available for preorder is beyond daft! Think only a fool would preorder something this far in advance , why? why? why?

  2. avatar David F says:

    For “Artwork to be confirmed”, read “Artist yet to be born”.

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