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Published on January 21st, 2014 | by Nick Kitchen

Cumberbatch Excited for Capaldi’s Doctor

Wholock. SherWho. Whatever mash-up name you prefer, it is hard to ignore the interest that fandoms of both Doctor Who and Sherlock have in seeing the Doctor and Sherlock interact on our television screens. Thus, any time a star of either property speaks of the other, sparks are guaranteed to fly! This time, it’s the master detective (see what I did there?) himself commenting on the new Doctor!

Speaking to the Big Issue, Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch had this to say on Capaldi’s casting:

“It’s great news. I’m very excited to see him in Doctor Who. He is a class act, Peter, and a great actor.”

Cumberbatch has worked with Capaldi previously on the big screen in last summer’s The Fifth Estate. While we’re less likely to see a crossover between the two popular shows any time soon, there have been some rumblings that the Master may be making his return in Series 8 as the series’ big bad. Those rumblings have also indicated that Cumberbatch may play the Master’s next incarnation. All rumors at this point, but it doesn’t hurt to imagine what Cumberbatch’s Master would be like.

So Kasterborites, what do you think? Agree with Cumberbatch’s assessment of Capaldi? Would you like to see him as the Master?


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6 Responses to Cumberbatch Excited for Capaldi’s Doctor

  1. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    Cumberbatch *would* make an excellent Master, although they usually match up the Doctor and Master so as to be of about the same age, like Pertwee and Delgado or Tennant and Simm but that’s probably not carved in stone. I’m not sure how much older than Davison Ainley was but he was an age contemporary of Baker, Baker and McCoy.

    • avatar Mark Langdon says:

      Yes, this is precisely why I liked the (sadly probably false) rumour that was going around recently that Charles Dance was going to play the Master. Just imagining Capaldi and Dance facing off against each other is rather exciting.

  2. It would be interesting seeing him as the master but I think I read recently that Charles Dance may also be a possibility as the master

  3. avatar mrjohnm says:

    I recently read an article that claims Cumberbatch was thrilled when Harrison Ford told him he’s doing a good job. If he’s excited to hear this from Ford, then he must have good taste when it comes to who’s a great actor. So yes, I agree that Capaldi will be a great Doctor. How’s that for convoluted logic!

  4. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Benedict Cumberbatch as the Master… it could work? I do think he’s got the villain chops for it. But then again, it seems almost like stunt casting. However, I think it would be good to have a new Master, one that is a good match for Capaldi’s Doctor.d

  5. avatar David F says:

    I imagine Moffat will be too self-conscious about taking what might look like a lazy, obvious casting option.

    Anyway, unless there’s a schedule conflict, or he has some personal reason for disliking John Simm or his portrayal of the Master, isn’t it much more likely he’ll stick with him, at least at first? There’s more dramatic impact in an old face returning than in a new actor suddenly telling us he’s the Master. Remember what Moffat said about wishing we could see every regeneration on screen? He just made a huge effort to connect McGann Eccleston (albeit through an adaptor) so I guess he’d have a similar desire for continuity with the Master.

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