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Published on December 16th, 2013 | by Nick Kitchen

The Who’s Who of Doctor Who By Blogtor Who!

Better known to internet reading Whovians as Blogtor Who, Cameron McEwan is set to release a new guide to the ever expanding list of characters from 50 years of Doctor Who.

Titled The Who’s Who of Doctor Who: A Whovians Guide to Friends, Foes, Villains, Monsters, and Companions to the Good Doctor, McEwan examines over 300 of the people (and aliens/monsters) the Doctor has encountered over the years. The book is also illustrated by Andrew Skilleter, who worked with Doctor Who from 1979 to 1995. It is set to be released in January 2014 by Race Point Publishing; just in time to keep the 50th celebration rolling on!

What will set this work apart from other Who related guides that have come before it, is the scope of its attention to more than just naming names. From the press release:

“Discover details about the intimate relationships between the characters, their loyalties, their betrayals, and of course how they collide with the good Doctor through time.”

The Who's Who of Doctor WhoThe book should be an excellent resource for fans that are new to Doctor Who and to the veteran Whovians who want to revisit some the Doctor’s rich history at a moment’s notice. We’ll have more details when the book is released.

Will you be checking out Blogtor Who’s book?


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2 Responses to The Who’s Who of Doctor Who By Blogtor Who!

  1. avatar Christine says:

    I very much am looking forward to it. I generally enjoy Blogtor’s view on things, so probably his book will make me happy in enjoying his views. The best part is he doesn’t moan about things but reviews things critically with a great love for the show! -

  2. avatar Sally Ann Price says:

    I miss Christopher Eccleston as Doctor Who. I thought he was fantastic!

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