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Published on December 7th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

The Time of the Doctor Image Gallery

The BBC has today released further images from The Time of the Doctor, Doctor Who‘s 2013 Christmas special and the episode that sees Matt Smith bow out from the show after nearly 4 years.

Featuring Daleks, Cybermen, Silents and Weeping Angels, you’ll also spot some possibly familiar-looking soldiers in the photos, not to mention Jenna Coleman as Clara and Orla Brady as Tasha Lem.

The gallery should have already started below; use the Show picture list button to view as a grid of images.

The Time of the Doctor airs in the UK on Christmas Day at 7.30pm, and on BBC America at 9/8c.


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6 Responses to The Time of the Doctor Image Gallery

  1. avatar Ian Gettings says:

    Don’t really want to think of Matt Smith leaving. It’s been a good 4 years. Sob. :(

  2. avatar Dan Hallett says:

    Crikey Matt’s wig is going to be a distraction.

    • avatar simon magellan says:

      Can’t say I’d noticed.

      • avatar Bob James says:

        The only time the wig looked slightly suspect was in the promo teaser for TDOTD, of which Matt’s contribution was obviously shot post principal photography. The actual wig in the Christmas Special, I think, is only going to draw attention because we know it’s a wig. If we hadn’t known, I don’t think anyone would even notice. They did, in my opinion, a bang up job of recreating the “Quiff”………

  3. avatar simon magellan says:

    Very interesting wooden cyberman! And despite the cover of the RT, glad to see only the RTD Daleks in evidence. There’s an awful lot of story going to be crammed into this hour – less if a few minutes of it is given over to Capaldi at the end – it’ll be interesting to see how it works out.

  4. avatar Geoff says:

    I hate the new Daleks with a passion. I’m so glad they’ve been binned!

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