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Published on December 13th, 2013 | by Danny_Weasel

Script Doctor Rereleased!

If, like me, you were a child of the 80′s then you will have grown up watching the adventures of the Doctor as portrayed by the marvelous Sylvester McCoy and, quite possibly, enjoying them massively as I did.

The reign of the Seventh Doctor saw the arrival of the iconic companion Ace, the first Dalek to master stairs and the return of the Brigadier, the Master and the Cybermen. It also restored a great deal of the mystery to the character and that is thanks to the man who oversaw the era, script editor Andrew Cartmel. It was his vision that revived the flagging fortunes of the show, coupled with a batch of exceptional scripts from a string of new writers.

A while back, Cartmel published a memoir of his time on the show, a sort of production diary, covering his time as script editor for the series titled Script Doctor, alas it has been out of print for a while now and changing hands on ebay and amazon for anywhere up to three times the cover price.

But now, thanks to the folks at Miwk publishing we have a shiny new edition being released. Extras exclusive to this new edition include a new introduction by current series showrunner Steven Moffat, a new afterword by Ace actress Sophie Aldred and a new coda from Andrew Cartmel. It also carries many more photographs on top of the already impressive 32 pages of pitures.

So who among you shall be adding this to your Christmas lists? Do any of you own the original edition; if so, will the extra content be enough to sway you into getting a second copy, or perhaps you will be parting with your original in favour of the updated version? Whatever your views or feelings drop us a message below and let us know.

You can either get the standard edition for just £14.99, or a very special Limited Edition Hardback (signed by Cartmel and numbered – there are only 100 in the world!) for £26.99.

Expect a chat with the brilliant Andrew Cartmel soon on Kasterborous


Script Doctor – Miwk Publishing Ltd.


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5 Responses to Script Doctor Rereleased!

  1. avatar Christine says:

    As a child of the 70′s I wasn’t much interested in this book earlier on. However, having since then been watching all the Doctors, including the 7th, my interest now was triggered immediately. So, yes I got my hands on this book a few week ago and have enjoyed getting the insights enormously. Recommended, and I’m looking forward to the Kasterborous chat!

  2. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    I really wish Robert Holmes had done something like this back in the day.

  3. avatar John Miller says:

    I never cared for the Cartmel Era. I can see what they were trying to do, but it never came off properly(at least i hope that wasn’t what they were aiming for).

    The problem with Script Doctor is that Cartmel makes comments that show he’s writing it from a later perspective. There are some comments that you can not seriously believe were what he thought/said at the time.

    This book is however intriguing, but for a different reason. It’s a (sometimes) at the time account of the killing off of a popular show, by the man who injected the venom into the body.

  4. avatar Mark Quested says:

    I have a copy of the hardcopy! Mine is numbered 50 of 100, which is rather appropriate considering the anniversary year!

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