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Published on December 7th, 2013 | by Jonathan Appleton

Journeys In The Astral Light With The Doctor

Does the date of Doctor Who’s first broadcast give any clues to its longevity, astrologically speaking?

Astrologer David Coleman thinks it does, and has produced a ‘birth’ chart for the programme, and his lengthy accompanying essay explores how ‘the essential meaning of the astrology expressed by Doctor Who’ has manifested itself.

Whatever you make of his conclusions you certainly can’t accuse him of not being thorough, with the carefully drafted chart including information on stars and constellations, co-ordinates for the planets in the sky and other information which, in fairness, is likely to go over the heads of those unfamiliar with astrological terminology.

As far as what all of this means goes, Coleman reckons:

What immediately leaps out is this sense of pushing outwards, of being compelled to flee, to cast away, to reject convention and restriction and to adventure into the bizarre and the extraordinary.

Which is probably as good a one line description of the essence of the programme as any.

What do you think? Was Doctor Who’s success ‘in the air’ as Coleman concludes?



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8 Responses to Journeys In The Astral Light With The Doctor

  1. avatar TimeChaser says:

    The Doctor would be the first one to dismiss this astrological stuff. :P

    The show owes its longevity to the hard work people put into it behind and in front of the camera, and a format that is not limited by the imagination.

    • avatar David Coleman says:

      Probably, but then he would also be the first to say ‘anything is possible’. In fact, he says that more often. He likes to keep an open mind and to explore things for himself, as do I.
      As for hard work I completely agree with it being THE factor in the shows long success. but its so much more than that, and the proposed influence that astrology has does not detract from that, as the article makes clear.

      • avatar TimeChaser says:

        I look at it from the rational point of view. Astrology is a purely human construct that pulls prophecy out of thin air simply because of patterns we see in the stars, patters that not related to the stars at all but only to our human culture, patterns that weren’t there billions of years ago and won’t be there billions of years from now. Patterns in stars that are light years apart from each other and only look coherent because of our position to them in the universe,

        Its all a load of crap.

        • There is a lot of crap in astrology, and always has been. But the same can be said of a rationalist perspective. Sadly they do not mix well. Part of the problem here is that the rational perspective will never get astrology because it is not entirely rational, like art. Consciousness plays a pivotal role and consciousness is not yet rationally explained. So, if you are genuinely interested in a more rational model, I would suggest a look at both Chaos theory and quantum mechanics, both of which fit with actual practice rather than the crap mst people think of as astrology.
          Anyway, sincere thanks for reading and caring enough to give feedback :-)

  2. avatar krumstets says:

    A birth chart detailed in a lengthy essay , that is spookily accurate .

    Of course bucket loads of hindsight had no part to play in this assessment and I’m guessing an alignment of planets with credibility disappearing behind Uranus might have had some bearing on this information ,,,,

    • Hindsight certainly plays a role whenever we look back, and these exercises can help us learn. But astrology also works as an exercise in foresight just as well. There just wasn’t any of here.
      Thanks for Uranal attempts at humour, btw, most of which I enjoy, I will add them to the others I wipe my arse with :-)

  3. avatar Mark P says:

    It would be relatively easy now 50 years later in 2013 to make a post-dated chart saying JFK would be assasinated on the 22/11/63. It would be much harder 50 years earlier in 1913 to make a forward dated chart saying that.

  4. No, that would not be easy, agreed. It is much harder figuring out what complex patterns will signify rather than what they did. Ask any meteorologist.

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