An Unearthly Child 6

Journeys In The Astral Light With The Doctor

Does the date of Doctor Who’s first broadcast give any clues to its longevity, astrologically speaking?

Astrologer David Coleman thinks it does, and has produced a ‘birth’ chart for the programme, and his lengthy accompanying essay explores how ‘the essential meaning of the astrology expressed by Doctor Who’ has manifested itself.

Whatever you make of his conclusions you certainly can’t accuse him of not being thorough, with the carefully drafted chart including information on stars and constellations, co-ordinates for the planets in the sky and other information which, in fairness, is likely to go over the heads of those unfamiliar with astrological terminology.

As far as what all of this means goes, Coleman reckons:

What immediately leaps out is this sense of pushing outwards, of being compelled to flee, to cast away, to reject convention and restriction and to adventure into the bizarre and the extraordinary.

Which is probably as good a one line description of the essence of the programme as any.

What do you think? Was Doctor Who’s success ‘in the air’ as Coleman concludes?



has watched Doctor Who since those great big spiders did for Jon Pertwee, and it's way too late to stop now. When he's not at his job working for a charity he spends his time following Hull City's fortunes, listening to Bruce Springsteen and wondering why it took thirty years too long for Doctor Who action figures to come along.

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