Published on December 17th, 2013 | by James Lomond

Eleven Things BBC America Will Miss About The Eleventh Doctor

It’s soon the end for our beloved Eleventh Doctor, but the moment has been prepared for… by those helpful chaps at BBC America with a count down of “The Top 11 things we’ll miss about Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith”. And I’d say they’re pretty on the mark.

Among the choice cuts of Smithness are several sartorial quirks, including his hats (more than just the ubiquitous Fez), and his hair (big, breezy and still not Ginger). The nippy tour of Eleven’s stand-out features highlights much of what made Matt Smith such an enjoyable Doctor to watch including #7 and #6 which celebrate his unique physicality – you may recall that the man who cast him described his walk as like that of a “drunk giraffe”…

All I can add is that Smith has so clearly LOVED playing the Doctor and that shows in every inch of his performance. Of course if Capaldi’s fan credentials are anything to go by that’s something we can hopefully look forward to from the next incarnation…

But until the credits roll on Christmas Day, lets remember what a wonderful version of the Time Lord Smith has given us. And what about you? What will you miss and what have been your favourite Smithisms over the past few years?


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2 Responses to Eleven Things BBC America Will Miss About The Eleventh Doctor

  1. avatar Taz says:

    His epic speeches!!!!!!! “Stonehenge”….”Take my memories”…..”leave in a trap”…..

  2. avatar Geoff says:

    I assembled the quadrocycle in the garage…..I invented the quadrocycle!

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