Published on December 18th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

BBC America Releases Extended Doctor Who Christmas Trailer

The end is almost upon us, and BBC America has decided to tease our Doctor Who regeneration nerves further with this intriguing extended trailer of The Time of the Doctor.

Matt Smith’s last hurrah as the Eleventh/Twelfth Doctor features a good cast of character actors and monsters, but what sort of impression will the episode make on us in comparison to, say, The End of Time, Part Two?

Looking at the clip above, the smart money is on this being a memorable departure, but we’ll have to wait a week to know for sure!


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19 Responses to BBC America Releases Extended Doctor Who Christmas Trailer

  1. avatar Guy Grist says:

    It looks good.

  2. avatar dr jon says:

    The door with 11 on it ? looks like we are going to get all the answers, the clip with the woman known to the dr of a large face reminds me of kronos from the end of jon pertwee’s story the time monster. And i was wondering the silence following the dr are they helping him?

  3. avatar Ardwen says:

    The door with the 11 on it looks like it may be from “God Complex”. Smith has a blue bowtie on rather than his more recent patterned one. Perhaps that’s a flashback to what he saw in room 11, what we didn’t see.

    • avatar Simon Magellan says:

      He’s also apparently wearing his tweed jacket, so I think you’re right there.

  4. avatar dr jon says:

    well spotted ardwen, what is the yellow device inserted into the console? clara can be seen running with it in the snow.

  5. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Just one more week… *repeats mantra*

  6. avatar dr jon says:

    Yes i cant wait, just getting off the subject a little, we have had a poll for best dr why not a poll for the best regeneration episode,or even the best dr costume.I love matt smith’s outfit from the 50th.

  7. avatar Christine says:

    I just repeat: it looks good.

  8. avatar David F says:

    So the Doctor’s had that body for centuries but looks only four years older. Whereas the Hurt Doctor started with a young face and ended up looking forty years older. That must have been a hell of a long Time War.

    (Sorry. It’s just that if Moffat’s going to resolve the other inconsistencies we’ve had so much fun moaning about, I thought I should find some more, so we don’t get bored.)

    • avatar Scarmans Eyedrops says:

      Yeah, I must admit I never quite ‘got’ why the Moff chose to age the Doctor by several centuries in the story, with no visible evidence of his aging.

      I’d like to think this is one of the things he’s going to tie off at Christmas.

      • avatar sbendrix says:

        Didn’t 11 age several centuries by the end of Series 6? 11 says he’s been traveling one or two hundred years at the beginning of “Closing Time” (presumably since the end of the previous story, “The God Complex”.) His farewell tour, he called it. So he doesn’t have to have aged much at all in Series 7 for that remark to be right. (He also said he both lies about his age and doesn’t really know in “Day of the Doctor,” so the point may be moot.)

        • avatar Scarmans Eyedrops says:

          It was his farewell tour I was referring to. A couple of centuries seemed a surprisingly long tour for someone who hasn’t added to their wrinkle count.

          Perhaps he was indeed telling pork pies. I generally try to shave a couple of years off though, when I lie about mine.

          • avatar sbendrix says:

            Oh, sorry, I misread you. About the visible aging issue, though, I dunno. Some humans age noticeably in a decade, some don’t. So for some regenerations to age noticeably in a few centuries and for some to not age noticeably might make sense.

            Or another rationalization of 11′s aging vs. the War Doctor’s is that the War Doctor did indeed live a very long time. Or that fighting a time war isn’t good for the complexion.

            Whatever the rationale is, I’m glad to think that 11 got to live a few centuries. That seems more like what it ought to be per incarnation.

  9. avatar sbendrix says:

    So who is the woman asking 11 if he’s in a new body? Any theories? I would guess “The Rani,” but there’s nothing I recall from her stories that make me all that eager to see her revisited. So I’m hoping something else.

  10. avatar docwhom says:

    “Premieres December 25th”?????

    What about “Premieres Christmas Day”, you heartless automata????

    • It can get a little tedious writing “Christmas Day” every single time, and I didn’t think many of our readers would appreciate “Premieres on Hogswatch”…

      • avatar TonyS says:

        Plus (and yes I am being quite incredibly geeky here- even by Dr Who fan standards)some traditions celebrate Christmas on days other than 25th December.

  11. avatar docwhom says:

    …and anyway it’s pronounced “prem-ee-ayr-ing”. Have the last 50 years not taught us that British pronunciation is standard throughout the cosmos?

    • avatar David F says:

      Ideally, “premiere” wouldn’t be used as a verb at all, but it’s probably a lost cause by now.

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