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Published on November 15th, 2013 | by Alex Skerratt

TV Movie’s Matthew Jacobs Pleased With McGann Doctor Who Return

The Internet experienced a minor meltdown yesterday when the BBC released a brand new ‘minisode’ for the Eighth Doctor.

Titled The Night of the Doctor, it featured the triumphant return of Paul McGann, who hadn’t played the Time Lord (on screen) since The Television Movie in 1996.

And yesterday, the film’s writer and co-producer Matthew Jacobs came out of the woodwork to write a heartfelt blog on the dramatic return of Doctor number eight:

I have always felt like the Cinderella of Doctor Who writers. But this year is the 50th anniversary of the Doctor and the gently witty character I gave voice to for McGann has developed a loving following. I was SO happy to see them bring him back to life today on the big screen, so proud of Paul, and happy that Moffat did this… It’s fantastic to see McGann’s Doctor again…

I think this sums up the feelings of Doctor Who fans far and wide; it was incredible to see the eighth incarnation in action once more!

My Doctor fills in the gap … ? – Matthew Jacobs.


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2 Responses to TV Movie’s Matthew Jacobs Pleased With McGann Doctor Who Return

  1. avatar John Miller says:

    It was truly wonderful. Mcgann is a brilliant actor, and The Eighth Doctor amongst the very best. While I love (nearly) all his Big Finish Audios, it was a great shame he never got a proper television series. Paul is truly remarkable for his love and dedication to a show that cut him off after only one episode. Maybe somewhere down the line there can be some multi-Doctor television story with The Eighth Doctor? :-)

  2. avatar Howard Railton says:

    Brilliant! Finally, I’ve got a good word to say about Moffat, he wrote McGann a regeneration scene…! yay! Well done McGann for taking the time to do this for fans. Pity there wasn’t longer with McGann. Great!

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