Published on November 23rd, 2013 | by Jonathan Appleton

Tennant: ‘Delicious’ to Meet Eleventh Doctor

David Tennant says he relishes the ‘delicious’ scenario of the Doctor meeting himself in the anniversary special.

In a newly released interview, recorded with a rather lovely Dalek graphic in the background, David puts it in that nicely understated way of his:

“A character meeting a version of himself is not something you come across in a lot of drama…”

David also reiterates that, in spite of fans’ expectations that he was always a shoo-in to appear in the big 50th, it was only relatively close to production that his involvement was sealed.

He also recalls his excitement at seeing The Five Doctors in 1983 as a twelve year old (“it was electrically exciting!”) in an era when opportunities to see former incarnations of the Doctor were so much more limited than today.

What about you? Which was the Doctor Who episode you most looked forward to ever?


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  1. Mine would have to be Rose as it marked the return of the show after it’s long break

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