Published on November 16th, 2013 | by Alex Skerratt

Steven Moffat On 50 Years Of Doctor Who [VIDEO]

The BBC has released a brand new interview with the current show-runner Steven Moffat.

Following an introduction from Rhodri Talfan Davies, the director of BBC Wales, Moffat is interviewed in front of a live audience by Heat magazine’s TV editor Boyd Hilton.

The feature includes a selection of clips from the classic era as Moffat summarises the show’s history for the uninitiated.

Only Doctor Who could have a cliffhanger where the dangerous and terrifying reveal is that the monster can go upstairs. That is unique!

Hmm, wonder which story he’s referring to! Have a look at the video to find out…


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5 Responses to Steven Moffat On 50 Years Of Doctor Who [VIDEO]

  1. avatar francis cave says:

    Shame the clip representing the sixth doctor only features the space station effect from the start of Trial and doesn’t actually include the Doctor.

    Even Moffat’s comments make no reference to the sixth doctor himself…

    • avatar John Shandler says:

      Could it be a reaction to Colin Baker’s recent comments?

  2. avatar Geoff says:

    I don’t believe in anti Sixy conspiracies but this sort of thing does always seem to happen to him just like every time they do a multi doctor montage or clip in the show they always use footage of Six during Trial when he was a bit chubby with bad hair instead of using footage from what I consider his physical prime which was undoubtably Attack of the Cybermen. Not a great story granted but when used in the Next Doctor context what does that matter. Maybe I’m being a bit precious though.

  3. avatar James Oliver says:

    What software do I need to play the video as i have tried a variety of players in i can’t get any of them to play. Thanks.

    • It should just play in your browser, as any other video from the BBC website would. You may need the Adobe Flash plugin.

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