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#SaveTheDay with Google Doodle Anniversary Special

You know those Google Doodles which they put on their home page to mark a noteworthy date or event? Well it’s Doctor Who‘s turn to feature in this very special anniversary week.

Those Daleks have only gone and stolen the Google logo (I know, the fiends…) and it’s up to you as the Doctor to retrieve it.

You can select your chosen incarnation (War Doctor not included) and proceed through the different scenarios, avoiding Daleks and other hazards along the way. Once you’ve got the precious letter back, head for the TARDIS to journey through the vortex to the next adventure.

In a nice touch, if your Doctor gets exterminated he’ll regenerate before your eyes! It seems, however, that capturing the full technicolor glory of the Sixth Doctor’s coat was beyond even Google’s finest boffins.

Google Doodle

Scenarios included in the game include a rather grubby factory, modern day London (a bit like the programme in the Rose Tyler era, really), and a gloomy cemetery where it’s not just the Daleks you need to worry about…

(To see more, either visit Google – duh – or check out this techie website.)


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