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Published on November 20th, 2013 | by Nick Kitchen


Russell T. Davies Is Just As Excited As You!

The Daily Mirror recently caught up with Russell T. Davies regarding the history of Doctor Who and his involvement with the show, and it is glorious! Full of photographs from over the years, RTD waxes eloquent about growing up with the show and what it’s meant to him:

I was just a few months old when Doctor Who was first screened on November 23, 1963, so I am the same age as the show. It has formed part of the backdrop to my life and I’m proud of that.

While the commentary on stories behind each of the photos (some of fans with Cybermen, some candid shots of the classic Doctors) are remarkable and interesting, it’s the commentary on his time with the show and bringing it back from oblivion that are the most mesmerizing. Whether he’s talking Daleks or the challenges he faced during the beginning of the revival, the insight is great.

Regarding the Daleks:

When I took over the show, I was absolutely determined to restore them to their former glory. People said they’d had their day and we should come up with new monsters, but I knew they would work – and I was right!

His feelings on the show during the “wilderness” years:

There was a period during the Nineties when it was off air and it was a bit embarrassing to say you were a Doctor Who fan. It was ­considered a bit geeky. I lobbied hard to bring it back, but a lot of people weren’t sure if it would work for a modern audience. They said kids had moved on and they liked different things. But I thought ‘well, if I like it this much, I can make other people like it’. Now, it’s the coolest show in the world and everyone watches it!

And commentary on marking the 50th:

I’m 50 years old and even I find myself thinking ‘only one more week to go!’ And I’m going to sit down at the same time as all those thousands of fans and watch the anniversary show and feel exactly the same. I am so proud to have been part of it. Every day I think about it and I still love the show as much as I ever did. I just hope I get to see the 100th anniversary!

The interview can be seen in its entirety via the link below and is part of a an 84 page special issue of the Daily Mirror, entitled The Doctors The Archive, which is available now.

What do you think about RTD’s perspective? Would you like to see him return as a writer for an episode or two in an upcoming series?



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  1. avatar Christine says:

    I really would love to see him return for an episode or two (three, four, etc. etc.), or perhaps a novel (his Original ‘damaged goods’ wasn’t bad at all, perhaps a bit too mature for part of the audience). And I must admit: that he also brought back the Daleks has been and still is just wonderful!

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