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Published on November 19th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Regular Doctor Who Personnel Changes “Brutal” Says Jenna

Jenna Coleman appeared on ITV’s Daybreak show earlier today, in which she revealed a few feelings about recording Matt Smith’s final Doctor Who moments.

Most interesting was her description of the show’s cast turnaround being “so brutal” – something that we wonder might be a sign that the actress herself is perhaps considering moving on soon.

On the matter of the forthcoming regeneration – in which the Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor will be replaced by Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth:

I knew it was going to be sad, but it was really traumatic. It was very emotional and overwhelming.

It’s a strange thing [but] it’s the nature of the show. Matt leaves, Peter arrives in his costume and the scene carries on. You just keep going – that’s the show.

Peter Capaldi’s casting has proved that Doctor Who is still considered a great lead role, even for older actors (even if they did grow up as fans) and his appearance should be enough to whet appetites for the next full series.

Still, let’s get The Day of the Doctor out of the way first…


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9 Responses to Regular Doctor Who Personnel Changes “Brutal” Says Jenna

  1. avatar Al says:

    Whether Jenna stays I think depends on whether she has chemistry with Capaldi. Even in throwaway skits like the Ultimate Guide stuff last night, her chemistry with Smith is palpable to the extent I’m surprised no gossip rag has paired them romantically. Will she be able to replicate the same feel with Peter Capaldi? I guess we’ll find out in a month!

  2. avatar Paddy says:

    So glad we only have to wait a month after the special for the regeneration story!

  3. avatar Anthony says:

    So we are all assuming that the regen takes place at Christmas? How do we know for sure it’s not some time during the 50th?

    • avatar TonyS says:

      The press releases suggest strongly that the regeneration is in the Christmas special. There are some of us however that believe it will happen on Saturday :)

      • avatar DonnaM says:

        I’d love to be surprised by that, but I can’t see that it’s feasible. That would mean Peter Capaldi having done several weeks of filming for the Christmas special and nobody noticed/leaked.

        I’d be thrilled to be proven wrong, but I’m just not sure that’s possible in this day and age.

        • avatar stlshawn says:

          Besides, wasn’t there photos and videos of the Xmas special filming with crowns and a turkey?

  4. avatar drewboynton says:

    Jenna needs to stay forever!

  5. avatar CatPiper says:

    I couldn’t agree more, drewboynton.

  6. avatar stlshawn says:

    First, I agree with drewboynton.

    Second, I am sure it is not only the cast, but probably the crew as well. Since DW is not a “straight up” sort of employment opportunity since 2009, and is filled with “well, we are not doing any filming for almost a year, etc etc etc, there’s going to be people who find other things to do in the lag between filming schedules.

    If you were, say, a makeup artist or worked with the sound systems, there’s no certainty that when DW starts filming at its random time, that you wouldn’t have already been contracted to do some other show somewhere else. So, JC is probably seeing new crew members as well, and will see a bunch of other new crew members when the Capaldi filming begins. You know, like the person who she may have chatted with over coffee every day may be working on some other series who’s filming they had already agreed to be a part of.

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