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Published on November 4th, 2013 | by Drew Boynton

Rare Behind-the-Scenes Photos in The Doctors: The Archive

The Daily Mirror is jumping headfirst into the hype and hoopla surrounding Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary. On November 19th, they will release a special magazine entitled The Doctors: The Archive – An Unofficial Guide to 50 Years of Time Travel.

This glossy 84-page edition promises to have loads of rare photos:

“From the show’s earliest days, The Doctors: The Archive features stunning unseen images from the Mirror’s archive. For the first time, fans can see the show’s original star William Hartnell having his wig put in place, and see behind-the-scenes on many of the show’s episodes which have now been lost in time… The extensive photographic coverage features rare and never-before-seen pictures from not just the show’s early years, but throughout the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, plus exclusive pictures taken during the recording of the revived television series which has become a sensation in the 21st century.”

The photos will be paired with an array of interviews, including rarities from the past and the newest-never-before-seen!


The Daily Mirror’s own tribute to our favorite Time Lord, The Doctors: The Archive, will be available in just about three weeks time and retails for £4.99.

So, Kasterborites, what is the best behind-the-scenes Doctor Who photo that you’ve ever seen?


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Drew has been a fan of Doctor Who ever since he flipped through the channels late one night and saw a girl blowing up an army of funny robot men with nothing but a slingshot and some old coins. He currently lives somewhere in the woods of Missouri with his beautiful wife Barbara.

4 Responses to Rare Behind-the-Scenes Photos in The Doctors: The Archive

  1. avatar Philip Bates says:

    Gotta say, some of these behind-the-scenes pics are brilliant. Check them out, people…!

  2. avatar vortexter says:

    If Kasterborous is interested, I have behind the scenes pictures from the filming of Rose in Cardiff which have never seen the light of day? Marvel as the production team drive up in a van with a flat-packed TARDIS in the back. Gasp as a red London bus pulls up with totally disinterested extra’s lounge around not realising they are in a piece of TV history. Admire Billie Piper on the end of Vortexter’s camera zoom as the Dr Who crew suddenly realise their tight security cordon has been broken into by a Whovian with a camera. I’ll even throw in a witty account of the day’s filming for free. Go on! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and a coup for this outstanding site.

    • Go on then!

    • avatar topazzsilhouette says:

      Absolutely! It sounds incredible, and just brilliant.
      Carry on, I wish to see this :3. I can’t wait xD

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