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Published on November 26th, 2013 | by James Lomond

Miss Doctor Who on The One Show? Catch Up Now! [VIDEO]

Topical magazine program, The One Show, went all-Who last Wednesday with special guests John Hurt and Jenna Coleman! Check below for a TARDIS-based Moffat interview with the Tom Baker-esque Gyles Brandworth (he’s a bit eccentric). The Moff discusses scaring the kids, the limits to Time Lord regenerations and -crucially- confirms whether or not the Doctor is half-human.

The show is currently available on BBC iPlayer and you can click below for a highlight – a rare performance of the Doctor Who theme (or themes) from the Radiophonic Workshop. It comes replete with live percussionist and a Tomb-style Cyberman who looks like he’s wandered into the chill-out section of a rave…


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