Is Matt Smith In Star Wars: Episode VII?

If you’ve watched the special scenes on the Series 5 boxset, you’ll know that Matt Smith can do a lightsaber impression, and that the Doctor compares himself, romantically/sexually, to Yoda. If you haven’t watched it… well, watch it. (It’s the scene that follows Flesh and Stone.)

He might need to replay that impression soon – because Matt Smith has, apparently, gone for a role in the upcoming Star Wars film(s)! Now, this is just a rumour, but how cool would it be for Messr Smith to be both the Doctor and to be in Star Wars?! I mean, obviously being the Doctor can’t be bettered, but it’d still add to his cult status.

We don’t know whether this is an audition, or a screen test, or a ‘mere’ talk with either Head Honcho, George Lucas, or director, J.J. Abrams. What we do know is – this might not be true. But one can hope.

Another rumoured celeb in Star Wars is Sherlock star, Benedict Cumberbatch, who would make a rather cool Sith… Darth Holmes, anyone?

Yes, it’d be cool if/when Matt makes it big in Hollywood – he’s certainly got the talent – but I don’t want to lose him to America! Stick with us, Matt; stick with us!

(Via CinemaBlend.)


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