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Published on November 12th, 2013 | by Philip Bates

Matt and Jenna on Blue Peter Specials

Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman, that loveable pair who are the Doctor and Clara Oswald, will answer your questions – but only if you’re of a certain age.

The stars are set to answer viewers’ questions in two Blue Peter specials on Thursday 21st November and Saturday 23rd November (the former of which will also announce a new competition to design a sonic device for either Madame Vastra, Jenny or Strax).

Coleman stars in Thursday’s edition, which will be shown on the CBBC Channel at 5:30pm, and Smith will appear on the anniversary day at the Blue Peter Party to celebrate 50 years at 9:30am.

Moffat did promise that Doctor Who would take over TV and y’know what? Let’s ignore the cynics – Doctor Who will rule television for the next few weeks, starting with this Thursday’s The Science of Doctor Who with Professor Brian Cox (The Power of Three)!

Doctor Who has a long history with Blue Peter – even counting presenter, Peter Purves, as one of the Doctor’s companions – so it’s great to see the children’s show will be celebrating the Big Day.

(Via Radio Times.)


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3 Responses to Matt and Jenna on Blue Peter Specials

  1. I wonder if Peter Purves will make a return appearance as Blue Peter presenter for these specials.

    • avatar krumstets says:

      That would be a nice touch.

  2. avatar dr jon says:

    And they may include shep.

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