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Mark Gatiss: “Doctor Who has always been my favourite TV programme”

With all the attention surrounding The Day of the Doctor, it’s almost too easy to forget that we have another anniversary special coming this evening, in the form of Mark Gatiss’ An Adventure in Time and Space. The docudrama focusses on the inception and early days of Doctor Who.

The Guardian caught up with writer and producer, Mark Gatiss, and filmed a lovely interview/behind the scenes video. Intermingled with the clip of Sydney Newman trying to sell Verity Lambert the pitch for the show, Gatiss speaks about the special and his feelings about Doctor Who.

A couple of juicy morsels from the video:

  • “Doctor Who has always been my favourite programme”
  • “Jon Pertwee was my Doctor”
  • Gatiss originally pitched the docudrama for the 40th anniversary

An Adventure in Time and Space will air this evening at 9pm on BBC Two and on BBC America on Friday at 9pm. Check out the video above. Will you be tuning in this evening (or tomorrow evening for my fellow Americans)? UK viewers will be able to catch up on BBC iPlayer after the show airs.

(Via The Guardian)


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6 Responses to Mark Gatiss: “Doctor Who has always been my favourite TV programme”

  1. avatar Matt says:

    “…it’s almost too easy to forget that we have another anniversary special coming this evening…”

    one that’s probably going to be better than the so-called official special at that (not that my hopes are all that high with Mark Gatiss involved but…)

    • avatar Neu 75 says:

      Ooh look! A mean-spirited, curmudgeonly first post on a blog. Well I never, whatever next?

  2. avatar Gruff says:

    Lump in throat and tear in eye, unquestionably Mark Gatiss’s finest work. Beautifully crafted and performed so subtly by Bradley, Raine et al.
    An Adventure in Space and Time was wonderful stuff!

  3. avatar Geoff says:

    It was indeed Gruff. For many of us of a certain age to whom
    The show began with Tom Baker Mr Hartnell has always been something of an enigma. Pat Troughton of course was to appear a few times later over the years so we became familiar with him and because he had the advantage of coming second was also able to benefit from it having the burden if believing he was Doctor Who: end of. This wonderful drama brought the story of Mr Hartnell to an audience who do not nessscarily know him very well, despite perhaps having watched his stories on DVD or read about him. I think this drama really brought Mr Hartnells Doctor alive for a post 60s generation and paid tribute to all the characters who made Doctor Who what it is today. I must say when Matt Smith appeared opposite “William Hartnell” it brought a lump to my throat and made my night. This was a beautiful and brilliant love letter to the origins of Doctor Who, Thankyou Mr Gatiss, Thankyou!

  4. avatar Ranger says:

    It was a beautiful film, brought a lump to my throat on occasions and made me smile as well. David Bradley was simply wonderful as Hartnell and it was good to see William Russell popping up! It also made me reassess Hartnell and the pressure he was under – a punishing schedule and an illness that was slowly sapping the life from him. I used to find his mispronunciations and memory slips funny, after watching this film, I no longer do. The part where “Hartnell” breaks down and cries at losing the role of the Doctor made me cry. Probably didn’t happen in real life – but hey it’s TV!

    Mark Gatiss is to be congratulated on producing something that adds to the glory of Doctor Who.

  5. avatar Chis says:

    I have been looking more forward to Mark’s show honestly. Looking forward to both though of course.

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