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Published on November 12th, 2013 | by Nick Kitchen

Marcus Wilson: “…we’ll attack 3D again.”

As previously reported, BBC’s trial run with 3D programming and production will come to a close, with only two remaining 3D specials left to run –the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special on Nov. 23rd and a documentary on micro-organisms slated to run sometime next year. The Hollywood Reporter recently caught up with Who producer, Marcus Wilson, and discussed his experience with the 3D medium and Doctor Who:

“I am hoping that in watching this the TV drama industry will go away and evaluate how best to proceed with 3D. I was one of 3D’s skeptics, now I am a convert…stereo adds another layer of richness to the show.”

While Wilson may now be a 3D fan, don’t expect to see an entire run of Doctor Who in the third dimension any time soon…at least not yet:

“I don’t think we are quite at a stage in terms of budget or in ease of workflow where a 2D and 3D series production would work, but creatively 3D does add to the story. When the time is right we will attack 3D again.”

Indeed, Wilson even noted that the Day of the Doctor would haven’t been done in 3D had Arri, the camera brand that Doctor Who is filmed with, not introduced a lighter version of their Alexa camera.

Without having seen the finished product (sweet Lord, the 25th cannot get here fast enough!!), it is hard to assess how much it will really add to the special. While most genre films are now released with 3D versions, its success vs. the 2D version is hit and miss with critics in regards to what it actually adds to the movie.

The interview is an interesting read and can be found at the link below. What do you think? Are you excited the Doctor’s big day will be in 3D? Would you want to see a whole series in 3D?

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14 Responses to Marcus Wilson: “…we’ll attack 3D again.”

  1. Yep. Erm. Right I went and got a 3D TV in prep for the 23rd. I don’t even know that it’s definitely being broadcast in 3D but…

  2. avatar Paolo Sammut says:

    Not sure to be honest although I probably veer towards a 2D preference. I dont want to have to go to a cinema to watch each episode and dont want to have to buy a 3D Television set – I’ll hardly use the 3D option.

  3. avatar Rob says:

    It’s on the 23rd, NOT the 25th!

    • Perhaps it depends where in the world you live and how you’re watching it, Rob…

    • avatar Nick Kitchen says:

      Yeah, so my theater isn’t showing the 3D simulcast and is only participating in the US one night only Fathom event on the 25th. So yeah, pretty much what Christian said. (However, don’t think for a second I won’t be watching the simulcast and the US evening rebroadcast with Matt and Jenna behind the scenes stuff from home prior to the 25th) ;-)

  4. avatar McCoy says:

    How does 3D ‘add to the story’ exactly? It’s just a bit of snazzy visual icing.

    • avatar Alex. says:

      Wit till you see the fez in 3D!

  5. avatar Alex. says:

    Christian is right about depending where you live! live in Canada and the 50th is being shown on Nov 23rd AND Nov 25th so some of us are lucky enough to get to see it twice. Actually on the 25th most cinemas are showing it twice so its possible to see it three times. Hows that for timey wimey!

  6. avatar Geoff says:

    I’ve only ever seen one film in 3d which was the new Star Trek. I waited until something I really wanted to see was on in 3D and was also something I thought might benefit from it, which it did. It took a while to get used to it though and even though I liked the effect it wasn’t really 3d, it’s just 2d images made to look closer or further away from each other and thats the problem because you can’t really get around that. I’m going to stick to 2D for the time being. What’s more exciting to me is that we have a Doctor who is a movie star in waiting and a special that is completely cinematic. I just wish I’d have been able to get tickets instead of watching it at home.

    • avatar Al says:

      I saw the Star Trek film in both 2D and 3D versions. The 3rd added nothing, and in fact except for one stupid trick straight out of the SCTV fake-3D playbook (a guy pointing his forearm at the camera) I barely noticed any 3D at all. Same with GI Joe Retaliation that I saw in both formats. Except for some tricks during the closing credits, I was left with a big “what’s the point?” 3D adds nothing to the storytelling and never will. It’s just a gimmick no different than back in the 1950s when we had blue- and red-tinted gorillas and gill-men throwing things at the camera and we were supposed to go “ooh, isn’t this amazing.” The ONLY good thing that comes from 3D is that the colors on the 2D version tend to be richer – this was acknowledged by no les than James Cameron when a Canadian newspaper chain got him to admit the 2D Blu-ray of Avatar looked better than the 3D version. Seriously – look it up.

      • avatar Al says:

        Another annoying thing about 3D is that auto-correct insists on making it “3rd” as you can see above…

      • avatar Geoff says:

        Because I’d never seen a 3d film before the bits when stuff launched towards you impressed me a bit but I agree, I’d have been just as happy if I’d gone to see the standard version. The bottom line is it was a good film anyway. What 3d can’t do us make something rubbish good and I guess that’s the gimmick they’ve been using it for.

  7. avatar Al says:

    Just so long as those of us who a) don’t feel 3D adds anything, b) don’t enjoy 3D, c) don’t want to shell out for a 3D set, or d) plan to watch the show with more than two people in the room (or deep pockets to buy extra glasses) have the option of watching the proper 2D version, they can do what they like. I’ve no interest in seeing the special in 3D, but I will be quite happily watching on my HD plasma set on the 23rd.

  8. avatar dr jon says:

    I am quite happy watching the 50th on my hd tv in my own home,which i am looking forward to i think it is personal prefrence on your own enjoyment if you watch it in 2d or 3d.

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