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Published on November 13th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Do You Know This Woman?

It’s a very simple question, dear reader. You either know this woman or you don’t. Is she Rose Tyler, who left the Powell Estate in 2005, reappeared a year later and was eventually sealed off in a parallel universe with a meta-crisis, half human Doctor?

Or is she something else entirely? A different Rose Tyler, one who met a different Doctor; one who travelled in space and time for so long that she wasn’t even human any more?

Perhaps this is the Bad Wolf, turning up to help or hinder the old Doctor in The Day of the Doctor. Oddly, in all three trailers to date we only see her with the John Hurt incarnation; there isn’t any suggestion or publicity shots picturing her with the Tenth or Eleventh Doctors.

Meanwhile, the attire of this woman doesn’t match that of the stylish time traveller Rose Tyler; her hair is remarkable for its untidiness, as if Billie Piper (and let’s face it, a 50th anniversary would be odd without her) was dragged out of the Glastonbury Festival the morning of the shoot.


So, what do you think – who is this woman?

We don’t know. But perhaps you do, Kasterborite.

(Meanwhile, you can find more photos like this on the Kasterborous Facebook Page)


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84 Responses to Do You Know This Woman?

  1. avatar J.R. Southall says:

    The way she’s dressed is far more in line with the way Hurt’s Doctor is dressed…

  2. avatar dr jon says:

    Which ever she is, rose or the big bad wolf, i think she is the key to the time war in some way or form.She may still have all that energy from the heart of the tardis inside her?

    • avatar Stephanie says:

      That’s a good point about still having the energy from the Tardis in her. I feel like I recall her eyes seeming extremely luminous in the episode trailer.

      • avatar Shane McMinn says:

        She’s a massive metacrisis herself but was somehow strong enough to resist looking into the vortex & surviving unlike the DoctorDonna metacrisis triggered by the latent regeneration energy absorbed by her from The Doctor’s severed hand…..interesting…the vortex energy may have ripped part of living energy back to the Time War where she has become an informal part of 8/8.5′s timeline…

  3. avatar hickmanje2 says:

    “Perhaps this is the Bad Wolf, turning up to help or hinder the old Doctor in The Day of the Doctor. Oddly, we only see her with the John Hurt incarnation; there isn’t any suggestion or publicity shots picturing her with the Tenth or Eleventh Doctors.” Wrong.…/EOp5Qyj6wdY/s1600/IMG_3928.jpg

    • Your link doesn’t work.


      • avatar The Un-Doctor says:

        The truncation is the problem. Google the JPG filename and you’ll see Rose in the room with both 10 and 11 and Clara…

        • avatar Al says:

          Yeah, I concur. I’ve seen at least two images of the group together, with Rose/Billie looking rather glum in both.

      • avatar Nonaur Business says:

        The link was truncated. Here

        or if you want the original image:–ruFP3ceMRg/

        just copy each part individually

    • avatar The Un-Doctor says:

      There are so few scraps of information to speculate about, you’d think they would actually know what the scraps are before speculating. Nope!

      • avatar Jim McLean says:

        I don’t think it proves or disproves a thing. I’d say this article certainly has merit on the actual pieces of drama we’ve seen so far, and by drama we mean moving images, not stills. The context of that scene could be anything, especially as no dynamic interaction between Rose and the characters, no body language indicating they are actually aware of her (if one consider’s the speculation she’s not simply Rose). That’s not to say this doesn’t provide a possible insight into a scene, I just think that so far as this article goes, the question remains very valid. This image could in fact support an ethereal presence as much as an actual one.

  4. i recon Rose was was a timelady or something and she was there when the doctor ended the timewar which is what i think that ruby diamond time vortex thing is that he picks up like it destroys the war. See i recon there is a reason that he found Rose in that first episode because he needed to find her so that she could later beocome the timelady or just be sent back into the time war to tell the doctor do stop the time war because otherwise the world would end BOOM

    • avatar JoshOB says:

      …Wh…What? That is the single most stupid, fanfiction sounding theory on the planet.
      Which means it’s perfect for Moffat. So yeah, I’m inclined to agree.

  5. avatar Ben Dawson-Punshon says:

    I certainly get the vibe that she isn’t playing Rose Tyler as we remember her, definitely more along the lines of Bad Wolf. Her attire kind of reminds me more of Annie from Being Human than of Rose Tyler.

  6. At first I thought that she could be only the Bad Wolf. But, I don’t know, something about her eyes… she looks so much like Rose. When she waves, can’t you notice it? The kindness and excitement. But when it’s about Doctor Who anything can happen. Ten days til we found out :)

  7. avatar Taven says:

    regenerated Jenny?

    • avatar Sarah says:

      If Rose is a regenerated Jenny, then the writers are just sick. That means that The Doctor and his daughter had some romance going on. Gross. I don’t think so!

  8. The way she is dressed and the way her hair is messed up makes me believe that this is really a Bad Wolf creation projected by the TARDIS.
    It would be nice to have the Tardis being vocal during the anniversary episode and why not have her embodied by Rose, a woman who looked into the heart of the Tardis in order to save the doctors life.

  9. avatar Jonathan Goodman says:

    Here is my guess…several months ago Steven Moffat gave an interview talking about his conversation with T. Davies about Peter Capaldi and how his face works into the whole Doctor Who universe having already been a major character in Torchwood and The Fires of Pompeii. T. Davies has said that he has a theory about how all that works and I think the Billie Piper character is going to give us insight into “universal” faces. Just my wacky theory. So excited for the 50th!!

  10. avatar jb says:

    Or is it a shape shifting Zygon?

  11. avatar Companion says:

    That’s going by the assumption she’s the current timeline Rose, who’s to say she and Ten aren’t from before the seal? There are plenty of adventures we didn’t see throughout David Tennant’s reign, just because we haven’t seen it yet doesn’t mean it didn’t happen long before Tennant’s end.

    • avatar Willowflower says:

      However, Iirc the stuff with Queen Elizabeth happened before “The End of Time”, because he had no idea what he had done to her when he was in Elizabethan England with Martha.

      • Not necessarily, remember how when the Doctor crosses his own timeline and meets himself he doesn’t really remember it clearly? It’s something that is lightly touched on in one of the trailers.

  12. avatar Rebecca Crockett says:

    Actually there is at least one image, from a few days ago in the Telegraph. She’s in this getup, sitting on some covered boxes or crates in what looks to be the same barn/room as we see Hurt standing with the ruby jeweled device in another image. Ten, Eleven, Clara, and Ten’s TARDIS (as well as a corner of presumably Eleven’s TARDIS) are also in the image

    • avatar Rebecca Crockett says:

      But I will say that she in a place in that photo where she could possibly just be observing what is going on, not actually there…she isn’t in contact with any of the others and none of them is looking at her…

    • That’s a heavily posed or composite image – nothing there that breaks any theories.

      • avatar pogmothoin227 says:

        it seems kind of posed but it also seems that they could just be in a stressful situation and they’re trying to figure out what to do next

  13. Perhaps she is post 11 Rose, from the alternate time line? The glowing eyes from the trailer do lend to the idea that she is “bad Wolf” or the time energy she took into herself. Perhaps Hurt’s Doctor needed that energy, contained in Rose, to end the time war. He does mention at one point in the series that the entire time war is “locked” and thus can not be altered. Perhaps that is her function.

  14. avatar Majishun says:

    Judging by the trailer, it looks as if Rose is accompanying John Hurt’s Doctor. However, she’s never seen with the glowing golden eyes in the trailer and is also shown laughing and smiling like the old Rose. If she was only Bad Wolf and no longer Rose Tyler, I doubt she’d be doing any smiling or laughing. And it also appears that Hurt’s Doctor is allied with Ten and Eleven at some point (though that may be subterfuge to get close to them or possibly a last-minute joining of forces). I’m think Hurt’s Doctor either rescued her, or perhaps even more interesting, kidnapped her to make use of the time energy inside her as Bad Wolf. Ah, specualtion. Whatever happens, I can’t wait to find out for certain!

    • avatar Lady Christina says:

      I thought for sure Rose has her glowy time vortex eyes at 0:23 of the 40 -second BBC trailer for Day of the Doctor. (YouTube)

  15. avatar bebel says:

    in my view, it’s the same rose, but as we can see, she only appears with john hurt’s doctor, I guess somehow she is linked with him, mentally linked, maybe he found a way of communicating to her again but the others aren’t able to see rose, just him. idk. oh, and there’s also this thing about her clothes, she looks like a person who has just been throught a battle or something, so I’m guessing it’s an older rose who found a way of helping the doctor in his hardest day, maybe a bad wolf thing

  16. I think it’s the same Rose, but older, and John Hurt is an aged Metacrisis Doctor. I also think they’ll finally use the cut scene with the “TARDIS seed”.

    • avatar Logan Sawyer says:

      But then how would Matt’s Doctor have known about him?

    • avatar Sarah says:

      I thought that maybe John Hurt was an aged Meta-crisis as well. But the new trailer begs to differ.

    • This was actually recently debunked as “The Night of the Doctor” mini-sode shows Eight regenerating into John Hurt’s “Warrior Doctor” as he’s called in the credits.

  17. meta crisis -> hurt doctor this rose is the same rose trapped in the parallel universe…

    • avatar Migz says:

      Then rose would have aged too right?

  18. avatar nycupcakes says:

    Her with the other doctors

  19. avatar Christine says:

    I just think she is the reason Doctor 9 found her in ‘Rose’. If it’s got anything to do with Bad Wolf I don’t know, but there might be a reason for Doctor 9 finding her…no one ever did explain why he was there at exactly the right moment when the Autons decided to come out. We’ll see next week!

    • avatar TimeChaser says:

      I think you have a point there. If she had absorbed the energy of the Time Vortex, who says that she was only just disintegrating Daleks and bringing Jack back to life? She’s a living embodiment of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey. If she was able to scatter those Bad Wolf clues across time and space, who knows what else she might have been able to do?

  20. avatar The Un-Doctor says:

    Rose is too seen in the presence of 10 and 11. Moreover, The Hurt Doctor himself is seen in the presence of 10 and 11 so that SHOULD make it possible for Rose to be seen in their presence as well. Think people. Please.

  21. avatar Christine says:

    So not post 11 but pre 9. And that’s why we get to know our Rose. Because 9 remembers something, even vaguely.

  22. avatar Christine says:

    Sorry back again. I sure like her like this. Wauw!

  23. She is Tardis, the other body, that of Idris was destroyed :), maybe, possibly………. lol.

  24. avatar vortexter says:

    I dont think it’s Rose. I think it’s the hermit that lives in the mountains of Gallifrey that the third and fourth Doctor’s referenced. Hurts Doctor can be seen crossing the desert sounds and the sky has a deffinate golden hue. I think he’s going for advice from her and instead of being a male incarnation he’s now a female. Or possibly its the female Corsair?

    • avatar TonyS says:

      You could see why Pertwee would spend so much time with her if she were the hermit :)

  25. avatar James A says:

    There was a promo of her with the Tenth Doctor released (or rather leaked), just saying…

  26. avatar Spruce Wayne says:

    what if both theories are correct, and she plays Rose, but gets possessed by the Bad Wolf?

  27. avatar Erik Setzer says:

    “and let’s face it, a 50th anniversary would be odd without her”

    Not really. Not nearly as much as a 50th anniversary Doctor Who anniversary that didn’t include any of the seven Doctors who built up the show to be such a hit that it would eventually come back from the dead. I’d say Sarah Jane Smith, too, because she was a much better and more important companion than Rose, but sadly Ms. Sladen is no longer with us.

    It’s so weird to have a 50th anniversary special for a show that’s acting like the show’s only existed for about eight years. Fun note: Tom Baker played the Doctor almost as long as this new version’s been running. And yet, even with him still alive, he’s nowhere to be found with the 50th anniversary of the show. While I like Eccleston, Tennant, and Smith, Baker (the first) was more of a reason for the show gaining the popularity it did.

    • avatar Boffin says:

      “He’s nowhere to be found with the 50th anniversary of the show” Errrrrrrrr “Light at the End”?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? (And before you say BUT IT’S NOT CANON errrr Doctor looks at cup “Charlie, C’rizz, Lucy, Tamsin Molly friends, companions I’ve known I salute you and Cass” etc etc you get the drift….)

  28. avatar StinaMarie says:

    When I first heard Billie was coming back I was so excited but I also have a feeling it’s not our Rose. She has been billed as “with Billie Piper” and with the look, the whole romance thing they seem to be showing between ten & Elizabeth (I know it happened but that was post-Rose & I don’t think the Doctor would be feeding the queen grapes with Rose around), and why we’ve seen of her in the trailers I’m going with some sort of Bad Wolf entity helping Hurt’s Doctor.

  29. avatar Mishaaaa says:

    It’ll annoy me if she’s some massive plot twist/plot device … The beauty of Rose was that she was just an extraordinarily great person… If they give her some ulterior motive or hidden talent or some other crazy thing, it’ll just spoil one of the biggest things that, for me, make Rose an extraordinary character :c

  30. avatar Donald Applegarth says:

    The disheveled clothing and hair remind me more of Idris. The Tardis inhabited two people Rose by choice to save the Doctor, and Idris by force in an attempt to maroon the Doctor. Perhaps this is The Tardis manifesting herself as a combination of the two embodiments.

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  32. avatar Hyncharas says:

    Trailers for this story are certainly peculiar, as is how Rose’s clothing are presented in them. The running story throughout the revived series, however, has been how The Doctor used something called “the moment” to end the Time War; a process that destroyed Gallifrey and the Dalek fleet in orbit.

    It is possible John Hurt’s version of The Doctor is trying to escape his destiny of annihilating his civilisation, due to the introduction of Clara into his personal timestream. His refusal to commit the act is now causing time to fall apart, and since Rose absorbed the Time Vortex earlier in life, she may still carry a small fragment despite the Ninth’s attempt to remove it. As a result, she might possess the means to correct the paradox Clara has unwittingly created.

    • avatar Sigurd says:

      I do really hope that Moffat won´t make another plot based on the universe/all of time falling apart because of the Doctor.

    • avatar Logan Sawyer says:

      I just saw where you mentioned the Moment after I posted about it, oh well

  33. avatar Miraya Dust says:

    Anyone else think she looks like an amalgam of Rose and River with the hair?

    • avatar Kate says:

      Yes, I saw that too! Oh, I’m glad someone else said it. I thought I was just nuts. The hair, the white drapey clothes, the oatmeal colored jacket, and the boots all seem to echo River, but Billie’s expression is all Rose. I don’t think that this has a chance in hell of standing up as an actual theory, but with River’s most recent “spoiler” saying she was connected to Clara, and all the roses surrounding Clara’s various incarnations, you have to wonder…

  34. avatar Charlie says:

    Interesting that she doesn’t speak with her usual Rose Tyler dialect…

  35. avatar pogmothoin227 says:

    i’m nobody special but if she’s from the doctor’s timeline that means she can be anywhere from it, past present or future. so maybe she is future rose and will end up knowing “spoilers” to help save them in some way or another

    • avatar TonyS says:

      Don’t say you’re not special. You took the time to contribute about a programme about which you care. Sounds pretty special to me :)

    • avatar TonyS says:

      And you might well have something. It is certainly an interesting idea.

  36. avatar Billy says:

    My thoughts: This is the Bad Wolf and this is her sometime after she absorbed the Time Vortex. We have no direct evidence that she went straight from the Powell Estate to Satellite 5 to save 9. The Day of the Doctor, from Rose’s perspective could be taking place before 9 even regenerates into 10. The same way the story is taking place before “The End of Time” for 10.

  37. avatar Oscar says:

    My theory is that while rose was the bad Wolf she Subconscience went back in time to be with the doctor during what was the hardest moment of his life. So he wouldn’t be alone. When the 9th doctor saved her she just forgot about it like she forgot about bring back Capt. Jack

  38. avatar says:

    I think him saying that a 50th anniversary special would be “odd” without Rose is hilarious. In the 50 years of Doctor Who, Rose is barely a blip in the annals of the many dozens of memorable companions he’s had. I think it’s “odd” that the makers of this special are pretending that the program didn’t exist before Christopher Eccleston.

    • Perhaps you should rewatch series 1 :)

      Then tell us about any companion since Ian and Barbara who was so important to the series mythology.

      Your call…

  39. avatar thebigv75 says:

    There is one promotional photo featuring Eleven Ten, Clara and Rose. I wanna say that she’s the same old Rose, she’s just seen a lot since her last adventure with The Doctor. The Meta crisis doctor is dead and she got out of her parallel word to save The REAL Doctor.

    I really hope she’s not Bad wold or some weird creation that isn’t rose tyler

  40. avatar Jaime says:

    I think she just has a more fashion forward look. Look at the fashion mags. This is what girls look like now. At least the weirdo ones in magazines.

  41. avatar Logan Sawyer says:

    What everyone keeps saying about Rose ending the Time War in some way can not be it, it says in The End of Time, that “the Doctor still possesses the Moment” I did some research when I watched that episode and the Moment is a more powerful version of the weapon the Tom Baker Doctor uses in the old series that erases the target from Time. This being said most likely the Doctor fired this super powerful version at Gallifrey but then used the TARDIS to time lock the planet because otherwise there would be huge paradoxes.

  42. avatar Logan Sawyer says:

    This is Steven Moffat we’re talking about, the fact that Rose is wearing different more serious clothes is probably just Moffat trying to distract us because he knows we’ll notice. Her clothes are probably just because the Torchwood from Pete’s World has hardened her, and then once the TARDIS seed grew they started traveling and somehow ended up tangled in the mess of the 50th.

  43. avatar Andrew Cifuentes says:

    I had the idea that perhaps 10 and Rose are infact a different 10 and Rose then we’ve ever seen. Might be the fact 11 jumped into his timestream and threw everything out of whack. Time splits and causes some “disturbance” of sorts, that spits out a parallel; another possible outcome of 10 and Rose’s travel’s together. One where they continued to travel together. It would explain the fact she looks much different then the Rose we knew, and not only because she’s almost 10 years older now. It’d be a convenient story arc, and an interesting one. One no one would expect. Now, this is sheer speculation, but I think something to this effect could be a possibility.

  44. avatar Andrew Cifuentes says:

    I think it’s an interesting theory, John Hurt being the metacrisis doc. I don’t know though. It’s been known that the doctor caused the collaspe of the timewar, the timelord race and dalek’s. He’s mentioned it several times as 9 and 10 that I can remember. That being the case, I don’t see how he could also be the “one to light the flame” as he mentions in the trailer. Interesting thoughts though.

  45. avatar Andrew Cifuentes says:

    Did eveyone see @ 32 sec on the second video, there’s a sequence showing all the doctor’s flipping switches in their respective tardis’. John Hurt’s tardis almost looks like a crude version of 10′s. The same tubes in the center of the console, but the piillars surrounding the deck are more stoney looking, older looking. You might say it appears to be the tardis before a desktop change to 10′s.

  46. avatar Andrew Cifuentes says:

    Something weird i noticed, the longer trailer, at sec 45 it shows the two doctors sitting down with two seemingly identical blonde women standing in front of them, and sitting behind them on a pedestal is the same dalek tommy gun from the Hooverille episode. Where the daleks were thrown back in time to NYC and tried creating a race of human daleks. It also might be showing photographic evidence of the doctor throughout history…possibly. Perhaps torchwood is up and running again…perhaps not. Rose is definitely exhibiting those bad wolf symptoms; eyes aglow and whatnot. Maybe she senses the disturbance and whatever dormant time vortex energy within her activates and she herself gathers them all together to fix the problem. To get them to save the universe, as per usual. I personally, love this idea. We shall see, though.

  47. avatar Tim Griffith, Da Vinci house. says:

    Do we not realize that Rose Tyler and bad Wolf…are one in the same…

  48. avatar Tim Griffith, Da Vinci house. says:

    She “became” bad wolf after absorbing the Tardis, but she has always been Rose Tyler. You guys are speaking as if there is a Rose Tyler and a Bad Wolf, when they are, and have always been, one in the same.

  49. avatar Paul Morris says:

    Why would it be odd for her not to be in the 50th Anniversary?

  50. avatar Dr Hula Hoop says:

    She is The Doctor, the evil one, not John Hurt, she is the regeneration Moff said we’d all forgot about.

  51. avatar Guy Grist says:

    What if, as Unatural History states the Doctor has conflicting biodata extracts, so there are different roots that the Doctor’s timeline can take that lead to the same present. Then that ties up the reference in The Gallifrey Chronicles about there being three Ninth Doctor’s, so Hurt’ s doctor on these.

    • avatar Guy Grist says:

      Sorry that was meant to be “So Hurt’s Doctor could be one of these”.

  52. avatar TonyS says:

    She is playing Billie Piper who has tracked down the Doctor to find out why he is obsessed with her double…

  53. avatar john smith says:

    the zygons are shape shifters right?? she could be a zygon taking her form…

  54. Maybe she’s the TARDIS in human form again?

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