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Jenna Coleman Discusses The Day Of The Doctor

In a short interview, Clara Oswin Oswald herself, Jenna Coleman, tells what she can about The Day of the Doctor…and hopefully doesn’t get herself into too much trouble.

When it airs this Saturday to a world-wide audience, the 90-minute show will bring together a half-century of fun, fans, and excitement. The current companion sounds delighted with the 50th anniversary:

It’s fantastic. I feel really spoilt to be honest and lucky to be in the show in the first place, but also to have come in at this time. Whilst we were filming it felt very celebratory and special. Working with David, Billie and John, I feel really pleased to be part of the whole thing.

And she says the Tenth (David Tennant) and Eleventh (Matt Smith) Doctors had a lot of good-natured fun together on the set during filming:

I think there’s a competitiveness in them that kind of brings out the best in the Doctor. You see it on set that they are so totally different Doctors, but they just complement each other. They make fun of each other mercilessly.

Jenna’s said in the past that she’s become a master of giving long answers to Doctor Who-related questions without actually saying much. She does a great job in that area when asked about John Hurt’s newly named “War Doctor”:

So, not only do we have David back, we also have John Hurt starring as the Doctor, which is massively exciting. And again, the three of them complement each other totally, and it utterly works. It’s great to see all of them together.

And faster than a person can be scattered like confetti across the Doctor’s personal timestream, she has this answer when asked about doing her own stunts, like the now-famous “dangling TARDIS” filming earlier this year:

Although I didn’t get to the do the really high stunt in Trafalgar Square, which I was devastated about, and was kind of stood around begging people to go up, but I got to do the end of it. I am quite scared of rollercoasters, but when you’ve got a camera pointing at you and loads of crew, then you kind of just tend to be really brave. That’s one of the thrills of the show.

The lovely and brave Jenna (“Hey, where’d my Louise go?”) Coleman will be seen in just a few days in The Day of the Doctor. And she will team for the last time with outgoing Doctor Matt Smith in this year’s Christmas Special, which will probably be titled something like “The Eleven Days of Christmas” or “The Night and Day of the Fall of the Eleventh,” or worse still, something drearily obvious like “Twelfth Night.”

Kasterborites, if you could see a version of Clara teamed with another incarnation of the Doctor, which Doctor would it be?


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  1. avatar dr jon says:

    I like jenna as clara i think she brings a breath of fresh air to the tardis,she reminds me of an old series companion but with a new outlook on everything.I can’t wait to see how she will get on with the 12th doctor,She may clash with him and his new persona,or will he be more protective towards her like jon pertwee and jo grant of old.Even grandfartherly like the 1st and susan.Or something we have never seen in a dr and companion relationship.It always give’s me a buzz when a companion has got used to traveling with one dr only for him to change into someone new and how the companion react’s to it.I wonder if anyone like’s the change in dr companion relationships.

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