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Published on November 6th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Do You Have a Hartnell TARDIS Console?

We recently told you of a stage production of An Unearthly Child which is set for performance during the Who at Fifty celebrations in Manchester. Starring Phil Dennison as the original Doctor, the recreation is currently in rehearsal – but they’re missing a vital element.

Missing from their list of props and set dressing is a suitable TARDIS console. Producer Gareth Kavanagh has been in touch with Kasterborous to see if anyone reading can help.

Naturally the use of a TARDIS console faithful to the 1963 original (like the replica from the BBC’s An Adventure in Space and Time, above) would be of a massive benefit to the production. If you are able to help, please get in touch with as soon as possible!


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3 Responses to Do You Have a Hartnell TARDIS Console?

  1. avatar Ian says:

    I hope they get one as I’m planning to go and see it.

  2. avatar Rick714 says:

    Nuts, I was hoping someone was making these and offering them up for sale. Probably for the best though as I couldn’t afford it but that really would be the holy grail, having that original console.

  3. avatar docwhom says:

    I hear that that Mark Gatiss has had one made recently.

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