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Published on November 18th, 2013 | by Danny_Weasel

Doctor Who Live: The Afterparty Coming to BBC Three

The day is almost upon us. Only five more days until the big one, and once its done those of us who aren’t sat in a cinema will be able to switch straight over to BBC 3 for Doctor Who Live: The Afterparty.

Billed by the Beeb as being a show to “celebrate all things Doctor Who“, the show will be coming live from London’s Southbank and will be presented by Zoe Ball and Rick Edwards who will be joined by Matt Smith and a host of as yet unnamed special guests, simply teasing us with the mention of “a host of previous Doctors and their time-travelling companions in the ultimate celebration of 50 years of Doctor Who“.

As well as all the gossip on the The Day Of The Doctor, there will be exclusive interviews, show-stopping monster moments and fans around the world will be giving their reaction, as they showcase how they are celebrating the special anniversary. Zai Bennett, controller of BBC Three (and the man who cancelled Doctor Who Confidential!), said:

“The 50th anniversary is going to be a huge party for Doctor Who and we’re delighted that BBC Three will be able to give the fans all the backstage access to the stars at the hottest ticket in town.”

One Direction will also be joining the party as they gate-crash the show live from LA to wish the Doctor a happy birthday.

Other than 1D appearing, which has been covered massively already across the net, this promises to be a cracking show, and a fitting way to top off what will inevitably be a fantastic night for fans around the world.

So the question of the moment is will you be watching? Or will you, like myself have to hit it up on iPlayer once you get in from the cinema? Or are you one of those who shall be boycotting the show (as I know some are doing) on the grounds of One Direction “gate crashing”. Let us know people; we are all ears.


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8 Responses to Doctor Who Live: The Afterparty Coming to BBC Three

  1. I will be Sky plussing it as I will be at the cinema watching the special

  2. avatar Boffin says:

    One Direction better announce Marco Polo!!!! The only way that will be at all redeemable from the “Dimensions in Time” depths it implies! Maybe I will skip it and wait for whatever Peter Jackson has in store for us with his Fish Doctor.

    • avatar francis cave says:

      I’ve seen references to this “Fish Doctor” thing but what has Peter Jackson got to do with it?

      • avatar Boffin says:

        TheFishDr ‏@dayoftheFishDr 14h

        ‘Get Sylvester, I’ve had a moment of inspiration!’ – Peter Jackson, April 2013.

        (Not very subtle no? Follow him on Twitter. It could be about to get FUN:))

  3. avatar Geoff says:

    I know what will happen in my house. It will get turned on. We will be able to stomach about 5 minutes of talentless psuedo fan Zoe Ball and then it will go off again. I just can’t bear her.

  4. avatar mwruger says:

    Not being broadcast here in the US. Guess I will torrent it.

  5. avatar dr jon says:

    Im looking forward to seeing old doctor’s and old companion’s and what they have to say about the 50th.Hope the have on peter capaldi turn up in his new 12th dr outfit that would be a nice touch,infact all the dr’s in their outfit’s on the night would be great.

  6. avatar Lee Hancox says:

    We shall be watching this……………….. live in THE STUDIO. Had it confirmed today and the BBC want us to appear on the show because we are the only UK couple getting Married at the Mass Doctor Who wedding in London on 24th November.

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