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Doctor Who: Legacy Mobile Game Out Now

There have been many Doctor Who games released on various formats over the last couple of decades. Some have been good and others have been…well, we won’t comment on all of them.

It seems however, that Tiny Rebel Games and Seed Studio may have got the balance just right with their release of the new Doctor Who games for iOS and Android platforms, Doctor Who: Legacy.

The free-to-play puzzle/RPG lets you build a team of your favourite companions and allies of the Doctor based on the show’s rich and wonderful (and brilliant) 50 year history and relive the Doctor’s greatest triumphs.

For today’s launch of the game (it’s free to download, by the way) players will have access to characters and episodes from series 6 and 7 of the Doctor’s most recent adventures from Lake Silenceo to Trenzalore, if you will. Series 5 content will be released (as a free add-on, we thought we’d mention) in the New Year and from there, players can expect more and more goodies to be added to the game as the year goes on. This is merely the beginning for Doctor Who: Legacy.


Having been lucky enough to get a hands on preview of the game recently at the big Doctor Who anniversary celebration in London, Kasterborous can confirm that the simplicity and rich content of the game may well lead you to lose hours of your life as you progress through the game and level up, adding new attacks and abilities to your characters as well as making sure that you have assembled the Doctor’s best and brightest in order to help save the Universe. The gameplay is a mixture of turn based fighting with a reminiscence of Bejeweled as well. Within 10 seconds, you’re hooked and plotting out your next 10 moves.

Featuring fun gameplay, excellent visuals and a musical score composed by the acclaimed Chris Huelsbeck, you do not want to miss out on this very special release.

Did we also mention that it’s free to download?

Doctor Who: Legacy is available on iOS and Android devices to download from today.


Is this the title to restore Doctor Who‘s videogaming fortunes? We think it might be…



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9 Responses to Doctor Who: Legacy Mobile Game Out Now

  1. avatar Rose brooks says:

    How do I get this on windows phone????

    • You and me both, Rose. Sadly, it’s not out yet…

  2. avatar Charles Bkakeney says:

    To bad it is not compatible with my phone. I hope they make a version for the kindle fire.

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  4. avatar simon gardener says:

    removed after 5 boring minutes. still waiting for a decent game based on doctor who

  5. avatar Si Gerard says:

    It’s a bit repetitive. Reminds me of that Top Trumps game they did for the DS but not even that exciting. No doubt it’s “for the kiddles” but I wish there was a real Who game. Fallout Who is looking promising but it’s an unofficial PC mod.

    • avatar Tomer says:

      There were several ones, mainly during the ’90s and in general the wilderness years. One of them was a shit game called “Dalek Attack”. Then there was a much better one later on called “Destiny of the Doctors”, which plays something like Ultima Underworld, and the Master appears in FMVs (with this being Anthony Ainley’s final performance as him), not too bad all in all.
      The latest proper Doctor Who video games were the Adventure Games from 2010 and “The Eternity Clock”, both of which are kind of meh, but are really playable compared to “Dalek Attack”.

      • The burnt out car on the next street is really playable compared to Dalek Attack ;)

        • avatar Tomer says:

          So now that guy knows how bad Dalek Attack REALLY is…
          So anyway, Dalek Attack, from 1 to 10…-10. For proportion’s sake.

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