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Published on November 19th, 2013 | by Danny_Weasel

Doctor Who To Film In Australia?

If things go the way that Australian MP George Christensen hopes, we could see the TARDIS materialise outside the Sydney Opera House in 2015.

The MP recently put forward the motion to entice Moffat and company to head to Australia to film the series in the year of the 50th anniversary of the Australian debut of the programme.

The motion made many mentions of Australia’s strong links over the years to the show, ranging from the likes of Janet Fielding and Kylie Minogue through to the shows genesis with Australians such as C.E. “Bunny” Webber, Anthony Coburn, Ron Grainer and Dudley Simpson who were all so instrumental in the show’s birth.

As there have been contributions from Australian film funds in the past (notably for the shows 20th anniversary) and its rich history of filming abroad (from America and Canada to Amsterdam, Spain and France) there is no reason to not have the production move for a year.

What do you think; should they take the show on the road, as it were? Would the idea of a series filmed in Oz appeal or repel you? Is it location filming for its own sake much as was the case for The Two Doctors or would it lend itself to stories in the same way that Paris did for City of Death and Spain did for A Town called Mercy. Leave your words below for us to inspect.

(Via Doctor Who News.)


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12 Responses to Doctor Who To Film In Australia?

  1. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Since we’ve already had the return of Sarah Jane, if Doctor Who films in Australia, I think it would criminal not to include Tegan in the story. ;)

  2. avatar John Brewer says:

    I’d love to see some filming done in Australia! And it would be great to see Janet return as Tegan!

  3. avatar dr jon says:

    Yes let’s get tegan on board the tardis again in her homeland,a couple of storys would be great.

  4. avatar David F says:

    How can Doctor Who film in Australia? Its an abstract concept that isn’t capable of operating a camera. Unless the title should read “Doctor Who to be filmed in Australia”. Come on, chaps, transitive verbs are an endangered species. I know the rest of the internet is bent on grammatical genocide, but let’s not join in . . .

    (If we can’t be picky on a sci-fi forum, where can we?)

    • avatar Geoff says:

      David rite good.

  5. avatar Jamie-42 says:

    I think it could be great as long as we can avoid the cliches. The TARDIS materialising in front of the Sydney Opera House makes me cringe. Let us hope that, if it happens, it can be done with the same restraint as the American episodes. River shooting the Doctors Stetson off was the best way to say, “Yes, we are in America but the cliches end here…” (Or so I think!).

  6. avatar Anthony says:

    This is my life long dream. If they come to Sydney I could watch the filming and all. COME TO OZ GUYS!!!

  7. avatar Martin Winters says:

    And therefore only a short jump away from Peter Jackson and the team at Weta in New Zealand Aotearoa who have said they’d be up for doing an episode….

  8. avatar Boffin says:

    Maybe another story set in Salamanders future? They should be fair and make it a joint ANZAC showing and do some stuff across the ditch as well. The Kiwis have given a lot over the years (Mr Jackson?) as well. Rather than getting into the tired old rivalry work out a way to incorporate us all. One big happy family. Was pretty funny watching all this go down in Parliament the other day:

    Funnily enough his Dalek got bounced by security and wasn’t allowed into the House! Damn post 911 world. As much as this was kind of cool they probably have way bigger things to be working on right now!!

  9. avatar Geoff says:

    I think if they can they shoukd, I mean why on earth wouldn’t you? And Doctor Who has had a very loyal following in Oz since the 70s. Personally I want to see the Tardis in front of the Opera House, near the barrier reef and Ayres Rock ( which I know isn’t called that now but I’m afraid my ignorance betrays me as I don’t know it’s new name). So what if they’re cliches? I don’t see the point in flying halfway round the world and filming something that looks like it could have been shot on Camber Sands or some industrial estate in Cardiff. Celebrate the location I say.

    • avatar ZeroRoom says:

      Ayers Rock’s new name (or old name depending on how you look at it) is Uluru. That is the current correct title. :)

    • You can film things that aren’t clinche places that still don’t look oh this could be shot anywhere.

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