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Published on October 11th, 2013 | by Alex Skerratt

THREE New Series of Dark Eyes!

In case you didn’t glean it from the headline, Big Finish has announced three new series of Dark Eyes, the all-new audio adventures featuring the Eighth Doctor and Molly.

Starring Paul McGann and Ruth Bradley, the first instalment of Dark Eyes landed way back in November 2012, and told the story of a forlorn Eighth Doctor dealing with the loss of one of his companions. On arrival in the early twentieth century, however, he quickly found a new friend in a First World War nurse, and all manner of adventures (and problems!) ensued.

The next three chunks of the story will be released over the course of a year, starting with Dark Eyes 2 in February 2014, and finishing with Dark Eyes 4 in February 2015. As ever, the titles will be available to purchase via the Big Finish site, and the rather handy pre-order facility has already been enabled!

Have your paint guns at the ready, though. The Daleks are coming back…


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3 Responses to THREE New Series of Dark Eyes!

  1. Dark Eyes really showcased Paul McGann’s skills as an actor and for me he is probably my favourite audio Doctor. Like Ace, his character is not bookended so there is huge potential (as has been shown) of character development as we only know that this incarnation potentially (John Hurt’s Doctor withstanding) ended the Time War. So anything can happen in this space. Paul McGann’s Doctor sadly may never get his own television series but his boundless enthusiasm and romanticism that is projected across the audio format is incredible enough.

  2. avatar Christine says:

    My expectations are high becuase Dark Eyes I was fabulous. I will just never forget the scene with the children and daleks playing together. This is somewhat of a spoiler but it really is a wonderful moment to listen to. And as it has no impact on the eventual plot, I suppose it is okay to post it here. Needless to say, that I’ve been very busy on the pre-ordering module at Big finish lately! I want them all!

  3. avatar BOJAY says:

    The Eighth Doctor’s adventures from Big Finish really did ascend to a whole new level here. It really began with the stories leading up to “To The Death”, and just continued from strength to strength here. McGann is brilliant. Never before have we had a more straightforward bridge between the classic and modern Who eras. We can see the stage being set for the Time War. I’m looking forward to this , and what follows, greatly.

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