Published on October 13th, 2013 | by Philip Bates

Tennant’s Tribute to Troughton!

There are a lot of Patrick Troughton fans out there – and rightly so. To celebrate the discovery of The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear, I watched The Krotons, an underrated story in which the whole TARDIS crew are brilliant. Patrick is particularly astonishing.

It comes as no surprise that Tenth Doctor actor, David Tennant, is a fan of the Second Doctor.

In The Doctors Revisited: The Second Doctor, shown earlier today on Watch, he said:

William Hartnell created something that was unique and brilliant, but actually the Doctor that we recognise today is much more Patrick Troughton’s Doctor. We’ve all sort of done our version – kind of – of what Patrick Troughton did.

The half-an-hour show, which premiered on BBC America, was bookended by repeats of yesterday’s specials, Doctor Who: The Companions and Doctor Who Explained, and an omnibus edition of the superb Tomb of the Cybermen (the music of which has been going around in my head since about 3pm).

Matt Smith famously watched Tomb and was influenced by the Second Doctor – just look at the bow tie!

It’s so amazing that we’re getting new old Who so long after they were wiped from the BBC Archives.

You can watch the brief ‘talking heads’ interview with David above, and don’t forget to tune into Watch every weekend to celebrate all eleven Doctors!


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6 Responses to Tennant’s Tribute to Troughton!

  1. avatar Paolo Sammut says:

    The “enemy of the world”, not the “end of the world”. Clearly you are not a Doctor Who fan or even a decent journalist to make such a fundamental mistake

    • avatar Mr Paddy says:

      Or to put it another way, a very easy mistake to make and certainly not one that should warrant any kind of over-the-top reaction. Also, if you’re going to criticise writing, it’s “The Enemy of the World” complete with capital letters and a “the”.

    • If you have an issue with an article on this site, use the button at the bottom of the page to get in touch.

      Do not presume to call out and criticise the contributions of someone who gave their time freely, on a Sunday, to give you something to read.

      Of course, if your pedantry is so deep seated, you might have noticed that titles should be written in capitals, and that “enemy of the world” (as you put it) is actually called “The Enemy of the World”.

    • avatar Matt Walk says:

      Are you this rude in person, or just when you can hide behind your keyboard?

    • avatar Philip Bates says:

      Yep, you’ve totally caught me out. I don’t like Doctor Who at all and I only write so that I can bring the whole profession down.

      Sigh. Thanks for everyone for their support on this, by the way. I certainly know the difference between The Enemy of the World and The End of the World, and yes, this was simply a typo after a long day.

      Do call me out on typos and simple mistakes. I fully expect that – they do creep in.Please don’t then write something vile. Cheers.

  2. avatar docwhom says:

    I could do without the constant attempts or perceived attempts to channel previous Doctors. If PT had tried to channel WH then all we’d have had down the years would have been a succession on Richard Hurndalls.

    Most of it’s rubbish anyway. There have been 11 actors in the role. There probably isn’t any way you can behave which isn’t reminiscent of one of them. Ooh he’s being bad tempered, he must be channeling WH. Oooh he’s being authoritarian, he must be channeling JP. Ooooh he’s not looking anyone in the eye, he must be channeling TB.

    I hope that Paul Kapaldy (sorry, I’m not a journalist) gives us his own unique interpretation of the role instead of trying to channel a previous Doctor.

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