David Tennant receives Sonic Screwdriver remote control

Tennant Gets His Own Universal Sonic Remote

David Tennant has been presented with his own replica of the sonic screwdriver he used in the series. And it does just about everything the real one did.

Manufacturers The Wand Company presented David with the replica after he lent them his own sonic for the company to use in preparing the new product line.  In the same way as the Doctor is the last of the Time Lords, the device was apparently the last of its kind and was presented as a leaving gift on his departure. The presentation was made at the recent BFI Doctor Who at 50 screening, and the accompanying photo orginated on The Wand Company’s Facebook page.

Now you too can own your very own sonic screwdriver. The very entertaining product description on the company’s website promises ‘ultimate authenticity and quality’ and a ‘solid high quality feel in the hand’. The device serves as a universal remote control and incorporates ‘advanced gesture recognition technology’ and a ‘screen accurate craquelure finish’ (no, me neither). There are even some handy diagrams showing how to flick and rotate it to get the very best functionality. At least you can’t accuse them of under-selling it.

It doesn’t come cheap at £69.95 from Forbidden Planet or $199.99 USD, but don’t tell me you’re not tempted…

(Via Tennant News.)

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