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Published on October 18th, 2013 | by Jonathan Appleton

A Right Royal Party for The Doctor

In news that is sure to feature in every satirical news programme on the planet, Doctor Who is to receive royal recognition in the form of a special reception at Buckingham Palace.

The Countess of Wessex, understood to be a keen fan of the series, will host the party on November 18 2013.

The long-standing royal banishment of the Doctor, imposed by Queen Victoria, has been lifted in time for the 50th anniversary and present and former cast and crew members are expected to be invited.

It’s not clear if the Queen will be present but she surely won’t want to miss it, given she’s reported to enjoy nothing more than an evening at Balmoral with her Ninth Doctor box set.

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall showed their affection for the programme in July, undertaking a visit to the BBC Roath Lock studios where the Prince had a go with Nick Briggs’ legendary ring modulator.

What do you most want to see from this auspicious occasion? Matt Smith doing the ‘giraffe’ dance with the Countess? Tom Baker recounting tall stories to Her Majesty? Katie Manning receiving a Damehood? Tell us below!

(Via Radio Times.)


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6 Responses to A Right Royal Party for The Doctor

  1. avatar Sally Ann Price says:

    Christopher Eccleston is my favorite Doctor. He was great in the role. I also have the box set.

  2. avatar Ian says:

    I think they should project the Dr Who logo on to the Palace.

    • I think they should project Silurians on the palace.

  3. avatar DWFan says:

    I think they should get all the people who have played The Doctor (who are still around. RIP Will Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, and Jon Pertwee: You are all greatly missed) to go to the palace, which may cause a paradox, but as long as they don’t touch each other, they should be fine. (Eccleston episode.) T. Baker should wear his scarf, (I hope they still have it. The original one. Sorry, I don’t live in Europe, so I haven’t been able to go to any conventions or museums. Though I hope to be able to someday!) Davidson should wear a celery stalk, (and have extras, just in case it starts to get all limp) C. Baker should wear his coat, McCoy should pass out jelly babies and run around in circles while babbling nonsense and asking everyone he meets if they know who he is, Eccleston should, well, just be Eccleston (honestly he isn’t my absolute favourite incarnation of The Doctor, however I love him the same as all the others. After all, they are all the same person!) Tennant needs to charm the queen, as he is so good at doing so and attempt to make amends with the Royal Family and end his banishment, Smith should eat fish fingers and custard, (those should be a MUST at the party, as well as jelly babies and Jammie Dodgers) Capaldi should be there, but I can’t give a suggestion to his character because we haven’t seen him in an episode yet, and Hurt should be there doing the same as Capaldi. I love the idea of the Drunken Giraffe! It’s my new favourite dance move, and anybody who doesn’t watch Doctor Who that sees me do it thinks I’m strange. That and I am constantly seeing ties and making references. That’s how I make most of my friends.
    I also think they should make appearances of different aliens. Maybe they make a false attack on the palace and have the Judoon and the Silurians and the Daleks, Sontarans, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, (Though that would be a bit hard. So maybe not the weeping angels. But I’m sure they could figure something out.) Smilers, the Headless Monks, Oods, Clockwork Repair Droids, Heavenly Host, Hath, Pig Slaves, Slitheen, Scarecrows, Silence, and the Whisper Men. There’s so much more, but I think these are the most terrifying/popular ‘monsters’ in the Doctor Who universe.
    The past companions such as, but not limited to, Clara, Amy, Rory, Rose, Donna, Wilfred, Brian… etc. They should all be there!
    I’m sure Her Majesty will have an excellent time, and hopefully unlike Queen Victoria, she will most certainly be amused!

    • avatar Ian says:

      The BBC still have Tom Bakers Scarf from Season 17 (City of Death to Shada) and Season 18 (Leisure Hive to Logopolis). The Daleks should gate crash the party and take the Royals to Davros.

  4. avatar Andrew G. Dick says:

    The Doctor should investigate as to whether the Royals are really werewolves.

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