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Published on October 21st, 2013 | by Jonathan Appleton

Regeneration Location Revealed?

This article contains a potential spoiler for this year’s Christmas episode!

Steven Moffat may have revealed where the Doctor’s next regeneration will take place. Writing in the latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine, the show supremo says:

Pretty soon [Peter Capaldi] will arrive and he’ll be whisked off to begin the trip of a lifetime, probably wondering what it will be like, where it will take him, and how long it will last. And about then, Matt Smith will be standing in his TARDIS for the very last time, with his eyes on the studio door – because about to step through is a Scottish actor, dressed as him.

Does this mean we’re in for another TARDIS-based regeneration scene? It may sound that way, although he could well have just been talking in general terms about Matt’s departure, and we shouldn’t forget Moffat’s self-confessed capacity for dissembling when it comes to future storylines.

Elsewhere Moffat has spoken about the new Doctor’s first scene following the regeneration:

It’s utterly bonkers! He still thinks he’s Matt Smith, but he looks like he’s Peter Capaldi. He’s adjusting to who he is. It’s a transitional phase.

What do you think? Once more with feeling in the console room – or a secret location yet to be revealed?


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7 Responses to Regeneration Location Revealed?

  1. avatar Al says:

    I don’t think it’s very surprising. Of the regenerations we’ve seen on screen, five have taken place within the TARDIS (Hartnell, Davison, C. Baker, Eccleston, Tennant) compared to 4 outside (Troughton, Pertwee – though just barely outside, T. Baker, McCoy). The Second Doctor stated that the TARDIS was involved in the transformation in some way. So for Smith to regenerate inside the TARDIS makes perfect sense (and I expect he’ll be standing up doing a light show again, too).

    • avatar Colin McDonough. says:

      With regard to Troughton’s regeneration into Pertwee,it is entirely possible that it took place in the TARDIS. There is no real evidence to the contrary.

      • avatar John Miller says:

        Spearhead from Space starts with Pertwee wearing Troughton’s clothes, and falling out of the TARDIS in Oxley Woods. In the early 80′s.

    • avatar Jim McLean says:

      Makes sense, but does it make for interesting drama? Of course it could, or it couldn’t, but a regeneration in a different locale would I think be on the surface more of an interesting event. Logopolis and Castrovalva really sung to me, having the Doctor regenerate away from the TARDIS being dragged to the TARDIS barely conscious added a level of dramatic vulnerability that was exciting.

  2. I just hope that we get a different regeneration effect. I know RTD wanted a more consistent effect, no doubt for new fans, but I always liked how the Classic Who used a different effect for each time, it made each regeneration scene unique and novel, and I’m getting bored of the yellow jets of energy way of doing it. There’s no reason why they can’t use a different effect (it would also not contradict The Impossible Astronaut, if you think about it. The Doctor was faking his death, so naturally, he’d use as a pre-established effect he knew about when briefing the crew).

  3. avatar Anthony says:

    And I just hope there’s no what-what’s.

    What-what-what-what-what-what-what-what (Doctor turns into deranged duck)

  4. avatar Alex says:


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