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Published on October 16th, 2013 | by Drew Boynton

Peter Capaldi Shops for his Outfit…

Will it be a return to ruffled shirts? Baggy check trousers? A long trench coat or an even longer scarf, perhaps? Or how about some completely-off-the-wall quasi-futuristic super shiny spandex number?

Whatever the case - and hopefully it’s not that last one – Steven Moffat says that Peter Capaldi is currently putting together his official Twelfth Doctor outfit:

“[Peter] was texting me ‘I’m out with [the wardrobe stylist] at the moment, it’s going quite well’ and some descriptions of clothes I did not understand. If it’s not a suit…”

And although the showrunner has the ultimate thumbs up or thumbs down, it doesn’t sound like he actually has much say in the matter…

“I’ll just let them get on with it and it’ll be ‘yes’ or ‘no’ a the end. Matt said ‘I should be a boffin, I think I need to go with the bow tie’ and I said ‘No, absolutely not, you’re not wearing a bow tie – that’s a cartoon idea of what Doctor Who is… Oh, you are going to wear a bow tie – you look incredible in it. And from that moment on he suddenly came to life…he was the Doctor.”

Kasterborites, it’s time to put on your thinking bow-ties. If there was one item that would make Capaldi’s Doctor look iconic, what would it be? And vice versa, is there a clothing item (fez? question mark jumper?) that would totally ruin him for you?

Hmmm, maybe that spandex wouldn’t be such a bad idea…

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22 Responses to Peter Capaldi Shops for his Outfit…

  1. avatar Bob James says:

    Just to meet the pro female Doctor faction half way, perhaps he will dress is drag for the role. Maybe rock a sensible skirt, blazer jacket, and flat shoes ensemble? Sorry, I couldn’t resist………….

  2. avatar Christine says:

    Drag is not necessary, although I get your point. A nice suit would do fine. No need for posh outfits, but something classy would be great. And if the bow tie would become not cool but something else…who knows?

  3. avatar mwruger says:

    You know what I would like to see? Something really off the wall. How about a super ritzy Italian silk suite with all the latest, real Savile row type stuff. The best of the best. How shocking
    would it be to see the Doctor in something that is not oddball but also isn’t quite mainstream, ready to wear?

  4. The show is 50 years old, Peter is 55. How about a Nehru jacket and bell bottoms?!! Or some other groovy 60′s style?

    • uh, no.

  5. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Its been done in fan fiction, but we’ve not had a genuine trench coat yet on a Doctor. And possibly bring back a hat, a bit like Tom Baker (a better idea than resurrecting the scarf).

    • avatar BOJAY says:

      The scarf can stay with Tom Baker. Or in that locker where McGann left it in the TV Movie. The scarf was one of a kind, signature for Tom. I think it wouldn’t look right on anyone else. Except maybe, Romana, and she’s probably dead.

  6. avatar Tomi Morris says:

    My fantasy that the Doctor is the lead singer of a punk band. Let your imagination run wild.

    • avatar TimeChaser says:

      Some of those clothes Matt tried on looked very 1980s punk/new wave. I was not impressed.

  7. Two words Pertwee Hartnell

    • ummmmm….not for PC. I can’t put my finger on it yet, but I don’t think either of those looks would fit him. Not that I think they’re bad, they just don’t, to me, suit him.

  8. avatar BOJAY says:

    Long coat. The Doctor always, in my opinion, looks better in a longer coat. I loved the direction Matt’s gear was taking in this last series. Long coat, waistcoat, pocket watch. That’s the Doctor for me.

  9. avatar lozzer says:

    Peter was a child of the Hartnell to Pertwee era of Doctor Who. I think we’ll find him somewhere in that mindset, Probably a bit more Pertwee with a touch more dandy thrown in. I’m very excited about Peter’s Doctor though, I think it’s the best casting since Tom Baker.

  10. avatar Ranger says:

    I could see Peter carrying off the Edwardian dandy look, but I don’t see anything wrong with him just wearing a nice suit, such as he is wearing in the picture attached to this story. Much as I like Tom’s and Peter Davison’s looks, for instance, I think Matt took it too far with his “X is cool” comments and the costume just became a distraction.

    • avatar lozzer says:

      He wears suits all the time, in The Thick Of it and lots of other roles – he wants to feel like the Doctor, it’s important for an actor to feel the role, and costume adds a lot to a performance.

    • Peter wore an MIB-type suit in an Xmas biy he did for GQ. Looked *really* sharp. A distinctive accessory would work, but nothing over the top. Just sayin.

  11. avatar DonnaM says:

    No gimmicks. No bow ties or question marks or anything that’s supposed to suddenly be “cool”. Nothing that screams “costume!!!”

    I’d prefer a suit with a modest “unexpected factor” – a pink shirt maybe, or a distinctive waiscoat, and definitely a long coat. Oh, and pockets. The Doctor should always have plenty of pockets for stuff-that-might-be-handy-sometime!

  12. avatar Chew Mullen says:

    My folks were at art school at the same time as Peter Capaldi and they said he used to go about in a long trench coat with a Heinz Baked Beans patch on it and looked super-cool. He should wear that :-)

  13. White highcollar dresshirt and a ZhongShan Zhuang Jacket, black dress pants, sensible shoes, and a black leather floorsweeper.

  14. avatar iLikeTheUDK says:

    Pretty much anything with question marks. We’re way past the ’80s, you know.

  15. avatar Disguised Zygon says:

    I want it to be a bit more classic. How about that thing-I-don’t-know-the-name-of-thing that Colin Baker wore (on his neck)? We haven’t seen that thingy in a while. Even though it has been used in Classic Who already, it hasn’t been used in New Who and that makes it a bit more unique IMO.

  16. avatar Whisht says:

    how about ridiculously short tie (like schoolkids were wearing) but tied in a wide Windsor knot?

    Trying to look normal, but completely missing it.

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