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Published on October 31st, 2013 | by James Lomond

Which One Of These Concept TARDIS Interiors Do You Like Best?

We all know it’s “Location Location Location” when choosing digs. Course, if you live in a TARDIS this is less of an issue and you can focus on INTERIOR DÉCOR! Buzzfeed has collected 15 fan-interpretations of what the control room –the show-room of any Type 40 TT capsule– could look like.

The first major overhaul in the TV series came in 1976’s Masque of Mandragora where the “secondary control room” was introduced with a wood-panelled fusion of Gothic and Art Deco. Since then, asides from minor changes to the walls and the stunning new key-pad console in 1983’s The Five Doctors, little changed.

Then in 1996 Paul McGann’s Doctor inherited the Seventh’s re-furbished control room with a Jules Verne-inspired console and walls so distant they were in shadow. Since the show’s return the interior of the TARDIS has taken on a new significance, seeming to be an extension of the Doctor’s personality. The current control room is New Who’s third permanent TARDIS set and, after Coral and Junk, heralded a return to the futurism of the very first control room.

But what would your ideal control room look like? The offerings compiled at Buzzfeed feature some intriguing ideas. Yawning chasms, stained glass windows, a surrounding aquarium and suspended consoles. Number 9 appears to be a riff on the unused design for the unmade season 27 when the classic series ended, by effects designer Mike Tucker and number 15 is the steampunk version taken from the 2003 animated webcast Scream of the Shalka, recently released on DVD.

Author Lawrence Miles made it clear in his Who novels that the inside appearance of the TARDIS is really an illusion that simpler creatures like humans and Timelords can perceive and interact with… A user-interface with a ‘desktop setting’ as New Who puts it. It could look like literally ANYTHING.

So, glistening floors or soaring buttresses, what do you think? Could the current control room be improved on? Should it look a certain way? If so tell us how…


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11 Responses to Which One Of These Concept TARDIS Interiors Do You Like Best?

  1. avatar Ranger says:

    I like nos. 5 & 6 – mixture of old and new.

  2. avatar TimeChaser says:

    I like 5 and 8, 9, and 10, especially 8/9. Since the TV Movie, I’ve liked the idea of the console room being more like the drawing/sitting room of a mansion but with various futuristic (or even ‘low tech’) touches. Wood paneling, nice furniture, book shelves, etc.

  3. I’m not crazy about any of these, but I think it might be fun for the Chameleon Circuit to go on the blink and have an episode where the TARDIS keeps changing shape so the Doctor/Clara have a hard time finding it.

    • avatar Bradondo says:

      They did this once during the Colin Baker years, but it was treated as just another joke about the Doctor being unable to properly fix/operate the Tarsis (thankfully he’s much more proficient now as those jokes were getting musty by Patrick Troughton’s era!). I’d like to see it happen now and cause serious, life-threatening complications.

  4. avatar Adi Himpson says:

    I really like 5, 6 and 9 personally. And number 11 if they could pull it off without it looking too flat on screen. I’d really like to see the traditional doors from number 11 back as well, especially if they led into the heart of the TARDIS rather than out of it.

  5. avatar Bradondo says:

    I like the warmer wood-panelled look–the alternate control room was always my favorite–but the current design has a lot of interesting features as well. For my fan production I’ve designed something combining the high-tech, slick current version with the victorian drawing room feel. It’s a big, expensive endeavor–about 28′ diameter and 20+’ high, but it’s worth the time and expense. My Doctor has a world weariness to him and has been forced to look back on his previous decisions in a way that has made him simultaneously confront and become sadly nostalgic about the past. He enjoys returning home to his small comforts, so the control room is a combination of cozy den and functional technological enclave (and yes, the ceiling area above the console has three counter-spinning sections, although they appear more like an enormous machine/engine here). Anyone watching will definitely know where I blew my budget!

  6. avatar Geoff says:

    11 for me. I prefer the futurist look, quite like the industrial mechanical look we’ve got now though. Wasnt too keen on the Eccleston Tennant console room and thought the first one Matt had was a touch too whimsical.

  7. avatar BOJAY says:

    I’ve loved the new “desktops” of the console room in the show since its return. But my favorite remains the Seventh and Eighth Doctor’s from the TV Movie. For once, the Tardis interior had proper scope and grandiosity. The newer ones have as well, especially the Eleventh Doctor’s first, which in my opinion had more than a bit in common with the TV Movie’s, as well as the current version.

  8. avatar Tarot1 says:

    Out of those in the article the eighth one in the list is my favourite.

  9. avatar vontkant says:

    5, 10 and 14! I like the classic idea of future with old fashion, espace to move but not loneliness…

  10. avatar dr jon says:

    I liked the fifth Dr’s Tardis `from his last season, it would look good now if updated and the console room darkend a little.And the elevenths Dr’s Tardis from this year is good.If the bbc had the money i think the Eighth’s was pretty impressive to bring it back.

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