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Published on October 16th, 2013 | by James Lomond

Moffat Wants Doctor Who/ Star Trek Crossover

STOP EVERYTHING. Moffat has said yes to a Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover – all it needs is for the makers of America’s biggest sci-fi franchise to agree and we can make it so. Biggest Geekgasm imaginable. Speaking at the Radio Times sponsored Cheltenham Literature Festival, Moffat said he’d be on board for a collaboration if the yanks were keen.

“It’d be brilliant fun… I would do it in a shot – of course I would.”

Of course this has happened already in comic book form (or ‘graphic novel’ if you, like me, count it as propa literature). Assimilation2 saw Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Jean-Luc Picard team up with the Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory to battle Cybermen/Borg cyborg smorgasbord. While some purists on both sides might object to mixing the canon of Who and Trek, there can’t be many sci-fi fans who wouldn’t love to hear the TARDIS materialising on the bridge of Picard’s Enterprise. However Moffat is, as you’d expect, realistic

“I’d do it – I can’t imagine they would. I can’t imagine they would do it, because they’re too protective.”

Of course he’s right. Though I would argue that the BBC is equally protective of their brand and neither would want to come off as the lesser cousin. It does raise some interesting questions about the shows and how they aim to be seen. Trek has had eccentric semi-mythical beings with powers bordering on the supernatural with ‘Q’ and Who can easily accommodate the space-opera premise of Trek. But arguably, since the major re-imagining of Star Trek with Chris Pine at the helm, the brand is too loud. I can’t really see it accommodating the whimsy and playfulness of Doctor Who with the sheeny, serious approach of the new franchise.

An interesting point has been raised in the past that American sci-fi seems to be more about official government teams with a designated leader whereas Brits tend to tell stories about lone anti-establishment mavericks like Doctor Who, Blake’s Seven and Adam Adamant Lives! (Yes, he does count, move along).

Can a captain and a renegade Timelord share leading-man status? What do you think – could the two exist side-by-side? Who would come out on top? (See what I did there…?)


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35 Responses to Moffat Wants Doctor Who/ Star Trek Crossover

  1. avatar John says:

    Oh, please. “Star Trek” is science-fiction. “Doctor Who” is reality!

    • avatar fff says:

      BS, by that logic the hardest sci-fi ever made is the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

  2. avatar lara says:

    oh no ….

  3. avatar redflagwalks says:

    dreadful idea…I have watched Doctor Who for 50 years, i have watched Stat Trek for 50 seconds..I have never understood what it is that people see in it…

    • avatar fff says:

      A show that inspired a generation of engineers, scientists and astronauts for NASA. The premise of Trek is exploration and discovery, The Doctor is from a race supreme beings and doesn’t explore but he still goes on adventures

  4. avatar Gruff says:

    He was asked if he’d entertain the idea, he said yes but couldn’t see it ever coming off. Good because I do think that these shows should remain within their own universes!

    • avatar Bernardo Filipe Sanchez III says:

      Doctor Who could be a work of fiction in the Star Trek universe. The crossover would take place on the holodeck by some of the crew who happen to be fans of the show.

      Remember the episodes where Patrick Stewart was Sherlock Holmes? Same thing could work here as well. Maybe Patrick Stewart could role play as the Doctor in his holodeck fantasyland.

  5. I like both but hasn’t it been established in who that even to them trek is fiction so it would have to be a dementional crossover story

  6. avatar koloth says:

    Is there no end to his madness?

  7. avatar Christine says:

    Give me some Spock, just for once…Remember? I like both, yes and Star Wars too. At least Star Wars has got Han Solo who isn’t a government lackey or military man either. And it should be a cross over with the original trilogy. I would go for that. Or perhaps with Firefly…no that was cancelled. Or perhaps stargate universe. That’s also partly with ordinary people. Thatgot cancelled too. In summary: I wwouldn’t mind a cross over but star trek doesn’t seem to fit the bill. Other franchises seem more appropriate. For the record: I did enjoy the comics.

  8. avatar Jon Roberts says:

    I suppose Doctor Who could help resurrect a failing franchise, seriously I don’t think it would work because each set of fans would think their programme was being undermined by the other. Keep it in graphic novel form only.

  9. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    I’m a trek fan but a much bigger fan of DW. Trek has had almost as much bad quality stuff come out as they have goo d stuff. Great sci-fi universe—a lot better than Star Wars in fact, but the only thing they’ve got going now is the lame movie rehashes of the original series. I frankly think DW is much better than all that and it would be a huge mess of red tape, so no thanks.

  10. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    oh, and that comic series was so bland, I could only make it halfway through…..the mindset of the people who make Star Trek and the mindset of the people who make DW are just wired differently, I think.

  11. avatar Al says:

    As noted, it has already been done anyway with the comic book, so they don’t really need to do it again. Keep in mind (before the Moffat-bashing kicks in) that Davies actually looked into the possibility of a crossover with Enterprise when he was mapping out the Doctor Who revival, so this isn’t new. If they’re going to do it, it should be with a minor character, not a whole-hog crossover. For example, a storyline with Gary Seven, perhaps.

  12. avatar Philip Bates says:

    I don’t want a crossover with anyone, simply as I think Who works best when it’s in its own universe (which could still be our own universe).

    And for the record, I’m getting really fed up of all the negative comments about Moffat (particularly on Facebook after this article was published). People will not give the guy a break. I personally think he’s doing an amazing job and has given us an astoundingly high-quality era so far. I didn’t like 100% of RTD’s era (though I liked most of it), and I didn’t moan endlessly on the internet after watching, say, The Stolen Earth/ Journey’s End or The End of Time.

  13. avatar Andrew Dorgomire says:

    When Fanbases Collide: The Reckoning

  14. avatar authorman94 says:

    While I love both franchises, I’d rather keep them separate, they’re their own universes, and to be honest, it would feel gimmicky more than anything to me (although I did enjoy the comic book crossover). It’s like the ideas in the late 70′s to have Tom Baker’s Doctor make a cameo in Blake’s 7, it would be too gimmicky and not allow the works to stand on their own. So, I think Moffat’s being realistic and wise not to pursue it at the minute.

  15. avatar TimeChaser says:

    I love both series, but they just exist in completely different universes, so unless you write your story as crossing over into a parallel universe, it would clash with everything established about future continuity established in Who.

    Now, if some former Star Trek stars could get guest spots in Doctor Who, playing different characters, I’d be all for that.

    • avatar fff says:

      Benedict Cumberbatch and Patrick Stewart would make good doctors

  16. avatar vortexter says:

    It would never happen. The nearest we got was an Eastender’s crossover and look how that ended up…

  17. avatar mwruger says:

    I don’t think it will happen but would all right if it did. But the next gen crew has gotten too old to really reprise. I would probably go with the reboot crew. Their Kirk breaks rules all the time, including the “prime directive”. In fact imagine a story where the Enterprise crew is happily following the Prime Directive and the Doctor, whose entire existence is basically centered around meddling and interfering, shows up to tell them “time to fix things”.

    Toss him in the brig “cause he has to get captured”, sonic screwdriver, gradual realization that sometime you have to interfere or you are just a bunch of hi-tech TOOLS, team-up, face-off will villain/monster, Day is saved!

    But the real reason that it could never be pulled off? Fans. The pissing and moaning from both camps would be so intense that it would be DOA.

    Same reason we’ll never see JLA/Avengers (besides the studios not wanting to risk it) or any other popular mashup. Star Trek/Star Gate? Star Gate/Who? Star Wars/Anything else in the universe? Supernatural/Hex? As Lana from Archer would say; “NOOOPE!!!”

  18. avatar Christine says:

    Isn’t it just awful that people think it won’t work because of the fans? Despite what I noted earlier regarding what franchise would work I really feel that fans shouldn’t determine what will happen. I believe in democracy but also that I shouldn’t be the one to decide what story is interesting or which story could be a cross over. I enjoy Moffat’s musing s. Let’ s just stick to that. And if we don’t like the end result? There is this button to stop watch ing. Or perhaps not watch new who but the enemy of the world. .. (you get my point even without capitals).

    • avatar mwruger says:

      I hear you, but I have seen it for years. I remember when people bitched about (pre internet so they had to do it at cons and movies and in person) Michael Keaton as Batman. It turned out to be damned good. (I suppose it might be hard for people too young to remember when Batman was total camp and that was what most of us were afraid of when they cast a comedian to play Batman, but I digress)

      Flash forward to 2013…Ben Affleck??? As Batman??? Fail.

      My advice to anyone who has to work with properties is to write good stories, film them, show them and mostly ignore what fans say. These stories are for more than fans. In fact, if these weren’t mainstream hits, we fans wouldn’t be getting them at all.

      So buy a huge box of salt and make what you think is a good tale. If you’re right, you’l discover fans where behind you all the time. If you were wrong they always thought it would fail.

  19. avatar Varda says:

    I liked Assimilation 2 but 1) Star Trek is sci fi, no space opera. 2) Doctor Who is sci fi too, but another kind of story of course.
    I think can be mixed, but in a comic only, not in a live action thing. Star trek universe would be like another universe for the Doctor. I still waiting to see Q and The Doctor in a meeting, that would be interesting. But IDW will stop to publish Doctor Who, so.. I don’t knwo what’s gonna happen.

    • avatar fff says:

      Why do you need to mention Star Trek ins’t a space opera? But Star Trek is closer to space opera than Doctor Who.

  20. avatar TonyS says:

    In the name of sanity no!!

  21. I think if the Doctor can play nice with UNIT from time to time, he can work with Jean-Luc Picard and the Federation. I could even see them unearthing a plot from within the Federation itself.

  22. avatar Ian Gettings says:

    The Moff – pimping Doctor Who out ;)

  23. avatar Ranger says:

    For the love of little cocktail umbrellas – no. I love both Who and Trek, but a mash-up just wouldn’t work. It makes my blood run cold when I hear Moffatt say things like that. Mind you, I think most of the time he is just baiting Fandom.

  24. avatar fff says:

    Garry Seven, and The Doctor team up to fight Q.

  25. avatar Rachel Medina says:

    I love both these shows and it would be AMAZING if there was a mashup! Go Moffat!

  26. avatar JSintheStates says:

    Moffat needs to retire! He’s lost it, and this is the proof! I do hope Paramount has the good sense to say No Way, but I don’t believe that either!

  27. Are you kidding me? I see no reason, in spite of the franchise relaunch, why they couldn’t resurrect the Next Generation crew to make this incredible cross-over. I could imagine the actors from both series being really enthusiastic about this kind of cross-over.

    And it’s not like there hasn’t been humour in Star Trek and Docotr Who hasn’t been serious. The characters will need to behave true to their natures. As long as it doesn’t become a comedy I’m sure it would be fine.

    And here’s what they will want to hear: “Yes, I will spend to good money to see this movie (multiple times) and would want a copy of the Blue Ray and other swag supporting this classic crossover!”

    Why wouldn’t the longest running syndicated series want to pair up with the longest running series and bring together two of the largest fandoms ever?

  28. avatar A. Chapman says:

    Doctor Who & Star Trek? Could it really work?

  29. avatar Tomos says:

    I like Star Trek and Doctor Who equally. I don’t get why there are so many arguments between them because they seem to be both aimed at similar kinds of people whereas Star Wars is quite populist and the old ones are fine but the Phantom Menace killed my interest in seeing any more. I prefer the more possibilities of a TV series.

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