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We May Not Have Seen The Last Of River Song…

When we last saw River Song, she was dead. Somehow linked to Clara and following the Doctor around Tranzalore, the Child of the TARDIS provided some guidance to her husband in The Name of the Doctor. And then she was gone.

Now, however, it seems that the perennially non-linear Mrs Who is coming back – possibly for one last, final meeting with the Doctor.

As you’ll see above, actress Alex Kingston has told BBC America

I look forward to sharing more of [River] with you in the future, but… spoilers!

Might we see her again at Christmas? Could River be appearing in the 50th anniversary?

Or could she, hope-upon-hope, be finally put to rest in a way that is honest and loyal to the character. Remember Forest of the Dead?

The last time I saw you, the real you — the future you, I mean — you turned up on my doorstep, with a new haircut and a suit. You took me to Darillium to see the singing towers. Oh, what a night that was! The towers sang and you cried. You wouldn’t tell me why, but I suppose you knew it was time. My time. Time to come to the Library. You even gave me your screwdriver; that should’ve been a clue.

Could Steven Moffat finally let that scene play out? Might River have an encounter with the Twelfth Doctor, one fleeting, final moment before heading off to The Library?

We shall see…


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30 Responses to We May Not Have Seen The Last Of River Song…

  1. avatar Gary Davison says:

    two of the ‘minisodes’ on the s6 set- ‘First Night’ & ‘Last Night’,already dealt with this…I think River’s send off in ‘The Name of the Doctor’,combined with those scenes,was perfect as is…

    • avatar Frankie Rose says:

      I enjoyed first & last night, but the actual scene, at the singing towers, even just a moment, could be amazing to include somewhere. But by name of the doctor, it seems clear it had already happened, so, not sure how they’d work it in.

  2. avatar JohnNarratesGod says:

    If there was a trickle of decently they should just let River run it’s course – I think the story has dried up… :o)

  3. avatar DonnaM says:

    I’m torn on this. Part of me feels her story’s done, but at the same time I’d love to see Kingston and Capaldi on the same screen. I just have a feeling they’d be amazing.

  4. avatar lee moone says:

    No more River and yeah as above, it’s been seen on the Dvd

  5. avatar Ranger says:

    Please no. My least favourite character, she’s been dragged out ad nausaum.

  6. avatar AceFace says:

    I LOVE Kingston and her character, River Song. I hope she comes back for 5 more episodes! I want to see a Capaldi romance with her. I would even love her as a mini companion for awhile.

    I dotn’t have the dvds. Could someone direct me to the mini episodes i could see in the states?

    • avatar Angie says:

      You can see them on YouTube

  7. avatar TimeChaser says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing more River. Dialogue in her episodes clearly indicates she’s familiar with more than just the Eleventh Doctor – “I’ve got pictures of all your faces” – but since this was a younger River, and she hadn’t been to the Library yet, and she didn’t recognize Ten as a younger version at first, her pictures must be of Eleven and onwards.

    • avatar Vanessa says:

      She did regognize Ten! River just lied, like she (almost always) has to, to avoid messing with her own past. Remember after the Doctor faked his death at lake Silencio, when River and Amy share a glass of Champagne(?) in the garden, River told Amy how hard it is to lie and act as though she didn’t know them, just because THEY hadn’t met her yet. It’s the same with the library and Ten, that was (for River at least) just before “The name of the Doctor”, by then she had already studied the Doctor and (presumably) all of his regenerations.

  8. avatar Antony says:

    Maybe when he takes her there, it is not only her time, but his time too!

  9. avatar Laz says:

    I never thought for a second that there was no chance to see her again. The Doctor just said his final goodbye to the “dead” version of River in the library, but she HAS to meet many more Doctors after the Eleventh, we know that.

    What we don’t know is whether it will be shown on screen or not. I hope it will.

    • I LOVE RiverSong and want to see more of her- but yeah there isn’t a feasible way to bring her back with first and last night. Because she is with Matt Smith doctor, the minute he has regenerated, there is no way that they can have the real ‘last night’ because she would already be dead. :-(

  10. avatar Chris says:

    Please no more River.

  11. avatar yodude1990 says:

    The River in The Doctor’s Name was a memory of her, not implying that she’s dead. I figure That it will show her going back to the library either with a later Doctor, in the 50th anniversary, or the Christmas special when Matt leaves.” The only reason Why I say a later is due to the format of the sonic.

  12. avatar Douglas Slee says:

    I keep saying, “Please, no more Rose Tyler.” And SHE keeps popping up. So, yeah, I don’t expect it’ll be the last we see of River.

  13. avatar Geoff says:

    As the series stands I think she’s definitely run her course but bring in a new Doctor, an older Doctor, new chemistry…who knows it could work well. If they do bring her back and it does work I’d like it to be ended at that point though instead of endless coming back with diminishing returns which was the way it was going.

  14. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    I don’t think they’ll show any more of her last night but I think it more likely that her past self will run into Capaldi’s Doctor—because that’s what she does. In fact, if my guess about the 50th is correct and if we do see Smith inserted his past adventures as part of the fun, I’d love to see river visiting his past selves as well. Not much but just a hint. It would be a nice touch to see her and Baker together briefly.

  15. avatar Ruth says:

    More River! Always more River! She lights up every episode she graces!

  16. avatar Chris says:

    Still hoping for a clever restoration from the library. Like thousands of patrons were reconstituted before. What’s one or two more ? But it’ll have to be wicked clever and have a good story purpose. Maybe use an impossible girl ? No one said it would be easy or have to be soon.

  17. avatar Spider-pope says:

    No more River. Just let her leave for her home planet and die on the way.

  18. avatar Philip Bates says:

    More River. It’s a demand. Many don’t like her, I know, but she hasn’t actually been in that many eps; it just seems a lot because we’ve been seeing her on and off since 2008.

  19. NO MORE RIVER! SHE STINKS! She is the worst character ever! And she is NOT Mrs Who! Will people stop being stupid! That farce of a marriage ended the minute that alternate time line ended! THAT’S HOW IT WORKS in the world of science fiction! Now in the world of morons, I’m sure people can make up any old garbage they want! NO matter how illogical and brain-dead it is!
    River is nauseating! She makes me and millions of others want to be sick!
    Many don’t like her because she’s a cold blooded psychopath! Period! that’s a fact! Not open to ignorant fools worthless little opinions.
    NO MORE RIVER! And better still NO MORE STUPID STEVEN MOFFAT STORIES! THEY STINK TOO! they are NOT complicated! Calling his laughable garbage “complicated” is like calling an episode of Barney the dinosaur complicated. LOL!

    • avatar Meg says:

      Excuse me but I think you need to get off the internet.

      • avatar Geoff says:

        And go and have a nice long lie down while you’re at it, maybe the nice nurse will bring you some more pretty happy pills as well.

        A simple: no more River thank you would have sufficed!

    • avatar zarbisupremo says:

      Have a Snickers, old chap.

    • avatar susanpub says:

      I think Patches should just stop watching Dr. Who. It sounds like she only does it to torment herself & then rant about it to us.

  20. avatar lee moone says:

    I think she has had unseen adventures with 10 as she is shocked that he doesn’t know her in the library story with that face. So she has met 10 before but at the library point, he hadn’t.

  21. avatar Geoff says:

    No more River….No more Moffat, you ignorant buffoons! In fact no more Gatiss, no more Gaiman, and as for that Terrance Dicks don’t get me started! In fact why stop there? No more Tv, smash your computer etc etc!

    Sorry, just trying to get into the spirit of this thread!

  22. avatar Jacob Kuntzman says:

    I’m ok with letting River’s story end, but not until we find out how she knows his name. That particular question, the one that made River catch viewers’ attention in the first place, has never been answered.

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