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Published on October 23rd, 2013 | by Nick Kitchen

Matt’s Plan For Tenth & Eleventh Doctor Adventures

In an interesting chat recently, Steven Moffat reveals that not only did Matt Smith and David Tennant get along superbly during the filming of The Day of the Doctor, but that Smith had also concocted a way for both Doctors to have a few more adventures together!

They got on like a couple of old women. They just stay in the corner and gossiped the entire time. By the end of it, Matt told me that he’d worked out a plan that they’d both continue in Doctor Who: ‘do five individual episodes each and three together – would that be ok?’

While we can all agree on how incredible that would have been, Moffat didn’t go for it.

It was a nice plan. I think if I had said yes they’d have gone for it.

Oh, my! Smith is my doctor and Tennant is just barely behind him. Had Moff said yes and all the details worked out, not only would we have kept Matt for another series, we’d have gained another series with David Tennant, who a great number of Whovians regard as the best Doctor. Before fans of 10 and 11 begin organizing a mob, we must take into consideration that Steven Moffat probably has his reasons for continuing the course he’s charting for Doctor Who, a course that couldn’t account for a Smith/Tennant season long arc. So instead, we’re marching towards a regeneration and the arrival of Peter Capaldi. That is exciting in itself, but I cannot help but wonder what could have been.

Dear readers, would you have been keen to see a double act series of Smith and Tennant? Did Moffat make the right call here? Sound off below!

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19 Responses to Matt’s Plan For Tenth & Eleventh Doctor Adventures

  1. avatar Lee says:

    As much as id have liked to have had more of DT and even though Matt isnt in my top 5 Drs; but would have liked to see him hang about (as 3 seasons is too short for any incarnation). I think Moff made the right call. The double episodes would have been self indulgent and Moff’s seasons are riddled with this IMO. So yeah, pains me to say it, but he did the right thing. All change please and then exit Moff after 1st Capaldi season.

  2. avatar johnnybear says:

    Exit Moffat before Matt took over if possible please!

  3. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Why cant they di it as a series of audios? Either like the books on tape or part narated/part performed like the Companion Chronicles or certain Lost Stories.

  4. avatar DonnaM says:

    I can’t help feel there’s a hint of tongue in cheek here. I’m looking forward to seeing the two of them together as a one-off, but that’s enough.

    Of course if we could have had a full series of Troughton-Pertwee bickering I’d have been all up for it!

    Tennant is my second-favourite Doctor: Matt’s mid-table. And I’m more inclined to look forward to the future than lament the past, so bring on the new Doctor! Roll on Christmas!

  5. avatar McCoy says:

    Of course Moffat would not have taken this in any way seriously. I mean, it’s an amusing idea, and I’m sure he found the notion hilarious, and all sorts of situtins might have bubbled up in that mighty story brain of his, but there’s no way it was ever going to happen. And good, Tennant is the past, Smith is the present; and Capaldi is the future!

    • avatar McCoy says:

      What is a ‘situtins’? IDIOT. Situations. It’s ‘situations’.

      • Would you mind not being so rude to yourself? It sets a bad example to genuine idiots ;)

      • avatar Bob James says:

        I know, it’s a killer not to be able to spell correct or edit here………

  6. avatar mwruger says:

    Welcome to BIG Finish Boys! Enjoy your stay!

  7. avatar calvlln says:

    Couldn’t these two just have their own spin-off together?

  8. Hopefully when Big Finish renegotiate their contract, they can get the rights to NuWho so that kind of thing can happen.

    • avatar iLikeTheUDK says:

      Please! For the love of Rassilon, make it happen already!

  9. avatar Guy Grist says:

    I would have loved but it probably wouldn’t have been good for the show because of it being too retrospective.

  10. avatar Hyncharas says:

    I have ideas, but can’t about them.

  11. avatar Christine says:

    I certainly feel Moffat was right. But this does offer all kinds of nice perspectives. I mean if they would be willing to share a series, they certainly would be willing to return as a duo of former Doctors…perhaps at the 60th anniversary or when the new series (how new is that) exists for 10 years. A new 3 Doctors perhaps? With Capaldi, Smith and Tennant. This makes for incredible story lines….by the way I’m still hoping for the 8th Doctor mini series this summer. But that’s another subject all together!

  12. avatar authorman94 says:

    I’d love them (and dare I say his name, Christopher Eccleston if he warms around to it) to come over to Big Finish or any company willing to take them on and give them new Doctor Who material. Just think, we could get new companions, new stories, a chance for the likes of Marc Platt, Rob Shearman or Nicholas Briggs to write for them. I know this is a far out fantasy at best, but I just hope one day in the future the new Series Docs are given the opportunity to appear in audio dramas like their predecessors as the Doctor.

  13. avatar Gazza the Gaz says:

    Didn’t Jon Pertwee have a similra idea years ago when Tom Baker was the Doctor. He siad something along the lines of ‘Tom could go off to the National for a year, I’d do a couple of seasons, then maybe Pat for one.’ The fanboy in me was saying ‘yes’ at the time, but now? I think Moffat made the right decision… not that there was ever serious consideration to following up Matt’s idea, was there? ;-)

  14. avatar esgaril says:

    I absolutely disagree with Moffat, but it’s not a surprise, cos I usually disagree with him. I think that it would have been great to see Matt and David together more. If I could have my way Moffat would leave the show asap and Matt would take over, he clearly has more better ideas than Moff.

    • avatar iLikeTheUDK says:

      Interesting thought, but show me one narrative work written by Matt Smith, be it a novel, a stage play, a teleplay, a screenplay, a graphic novel, anything.
      The showrunner needs to know how to write.
      Unless you just want him to be producer, anyway.

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