Big Finish The Light At the End

Published on October 10th, 2013 | by Meredith Burdett

The Light at the End Limited Vinyl Edition

We all know that Big Finish sell their adventure on CD or via download, gone are the days of cassette.

But there are those that still feel that vinyl is a better listening experience than any of the above and quite right too.

Because Big Finish likes to offer something a bit different with their releases, they’ve made available a limited vinyl release of their 50th anniversary multi Doctor story, The Light at the End. The four-disc special will include the epic adventure we’re all looking forward to spread over three discs and a fourth disc, The making of The Light at the End, which runs for approximately forty minutes.

All discs are on heavy 180g vinyl and are limited and numbered to 500 only. You’ll also get a fantastic 30cm by 30cm lenticular image that shows Doctors Four through to Eight together.

The vinyl will most likely be snapped up before you can say ‘Doctor’ so your best bet is to hurry over to Big Finish’s website and pre-order your copy now before it disappears faster than episode one of Fury from the Deep.

You can pre order your copy from Big Finish for £99.99 as of now.


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One Response to The Light at the End Limited Vinyl Edition

  1. avatar YorkshireNed says:

    I love vinyl, I love Doctor Who but £99? No. Compare to last year’s eagerly awaited Can “Lost Tapes” box set. That gave you 5 records in a proper box set with a deluxe booklet, all brand new material and you could get it for £50-£80. I would snap this up if it was a triple album [no making of discs] in a gatefold sleeve for £35. Maybe £40 at a push.

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