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Published on October 1st, 2013 | by Philip Bates

Figurine Collection Gets Limited US Release

The Doctor Who Figurine Collection will be available in the US, as of next month – but not in the same form as the UK’s fortnightly partwork.

In the UK, each figurine is accompanied by a magazine, made by Eaglemoss… but, reports The Doctor Who Site, the licenses for magazines and figures are owned by different companies in the US. The figurines, made from metallic resin, will be available through Entertainment Earth, though the magazines are yet to be announced.

The first one, the Eleventh Doctor delivering his thrilling speech from The Pandorica Opens, is released across the pond in November – just in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary! – and will be followed by Davros from Journey’s End and The Age of Steel’s Cyber-Controller.

Measuring 4”, each figurine costs $15.99, which works out at just under £10. Seems a bit unfair, considering the UK gets each one for £6.99 (or£7.99 if you get a subscription, including the special Daleks offer) and that includes a beautifully-designed magazine!

Earlier this month, Ben Robinson, Managing Director at Eaglemoss, told us:

All the figurines are based on some pretty exhaustive photography and some very intense scrutiny of the episodes. ‘All’ we have to do is specify a pose. That’s done by me and the project’s editor, Neil Corry, who knows more about Doctor Who than most know about themselves. Of course, specifying a pose isn’t actually that easy.

You need a strong sense of what will work well – not every pose looks good when it’s replicated as a figurine – and to come up with a pose, and a moment, that sums up the character. When you get it absolutely right you should have a little intake of breath when you see the physical figurine. We’ve got some coming up that really did that for me. In particular the Silent and our first character from the classic episodes, Omega.

You can read more from Ben in our interview. Meanwhile don’t miss news of the collection’s running order.

So what do you think? Do you live in the US, and will you be getting the figurine? Or is it simply too expensive?


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4 Responses to Figurine Collection Gets Limited US Release

  1. avatar Francis Cave says:

    Pity having spent so much time designing them they got a one eyed donkey to paint them….

  2. avatar Al says:

    I won’t be buying every one, but if they look good up close (pictures can be deceiving) then I might buy a few.

  3. avatar Philip Bates says:

    Okay, so the Eleventh Doctor one isn’t the best – but all the monsters look amazing. Omega, in particular, is incredible from what I’ve seen.

    • avatar Francis Cave says:

      I bought the Davros figure as well and while again the modelling is excellet its was really let down by the paintwork.

      I couldnt find a single one where it looked ok so in the end it was a case of going for the least worst….

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