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Published on October 29th, 2013 | by Christian Cawley

Doctor Who Trailer for Children In Need?

The BBC has announced details of the 2013 Children In Need campaign – and Doctor Who gets a mention. But just what will the Doctor be doing for Pudsey (or is it Madame Kovarian)?

Taking place on 15 November – 8 days before The Day of the Doctor – there are hopes that rather than have the TARDIS land and any number of past, current, new or future Doctors step out, the BBC might run a trailer or a scene from the highly anticipated 50th anniversary episode.

It might even be the oft-rumoured prequel episode which may or may not feature Paul McGann (although we’re not holding out on that one…).

Either way, the Doctor’s involvement will certainly prove a draw for many fans. What do you think the Doctor will be doing on November 15th?

(With thanks to Richard | Via BBC News)


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3 Responses to Doctor Who Trailer for Children In Need?

  1. avatar Al says:

    I say it’ll be the full-length trailer. Either that or they’ll tease us with a minute of footage like they did before. During the classic era there was a Children in Need special in which they basically just had a huge roll call of Who actors from Troughton to Colin Baker pile out of the TARDIS to present a cheque. (As I recall it was one of the only times we ever saw Adrienne Hill (Katarina) take part in any sort of reunion.) That was cool and I could imagine they could try the same again, but people these days expect more content, such as a minisode. The one year where all it was was Matt Smith offering his Doctor costume for auction was a bit of a let-down. They made up for it with stuff like The Great Detective.

  2. avatar adamo89 says:

    I’m hoping there’ll be an exclusive minisode, followed by a full-length trailer, both of which will be introduced by the actors who will all pile out of the TARDIS to present a cheque.

  3. avatar Robert Cyberman says:

    I can see this being either a minisode or a preview scene from DOTD. They can not possibly be holding off the trailer until then which is only 8 days before it airs. That’s just plain ridiculous, its being shown in cinemas. I’m going for prequel with this one

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